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GB Advance


April, 2002


Sega's E3 Lineup


Sega of America today announced its lineup of more than 20 entertainment and sports games to be unveiled at this year's E3 Expo. For Nintendo GameCube, Sega will unveil Super Monkey Ball 2, Beach Spikers, Phantasy Star Online: Episode I & II, NBA 2K3, NCAA College Football 2K3, NFL 2L3, and NHL 2K3. All of these games are expected to be playable on the show floor.

Nintendo Street Team Summer Events


Nintendo of America will send out the "Nintendo Street Team" this summer to promote Nintendo GameCube and Game Boy Advance at concerts, malls, and fairs in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, and Seattle. From July to August, members of the "Nintendo Street Team" will earn $100/day showcasing Nintendo's systems to the public. Nintendo will be accepting applications for the job via mail through June 14th. Peter MacDougall, executive vice president of NOA, says this is "sure to be the best summer job ever" for gaming fans. Additional details will soon become available on Nintendo Street Team's site

Applicants, required to be at least eighteen years of age, must create a two-minute video detailing their qualifications and why they deserve the opportunity to join the Street Team. The Nintendo Street Teams with eight members from each of the six markets will be announced in July and receive intensive on-the-job training at a 48-hour Nintendo Boot Camp that will cover every aspect of Nintendo's history, key titles and beloved franchise characters. If the lucky members survive Boot Camp, the Nintendo Street Teams will hit hot spots in their hometowns to give consumers a taste of Nintendo's upcoming games.

Barbarian for GameCube


In need of a little barbaric behavior? Well rest easy because Titus Software Corporation is preparing to launch Barbarian on the Nintendo GameCube this summer. Get ready for some serious action as all of your favorite Barbarians hack, slash and pillage their way through your living room. Oh, the carnage… Oh, the mayhem… Oh, the excitement! Barbarian is not your average fighter, nor is it your average RPG. A hybrid title coupling action/adventure, fighting, and role-playing elements, Barbarian allows you to choose your warrior from the Mighty Dagan, Princess Keela or one of eight other playable characters. Travel through the world of Barbaria battling in head-to-head battles as you navigate your way on a majestic journey. With multiple story branches, Barbarian offers plenty of depth. If standard weapons aren’t your thing, there is always the option of using magic and Rune attacks to handle your foes.

Beach Spikers Images


Well Sega has released a few images of scantily clad women on a beach doing something or other in some kind of a game. So apparently volleyball is now this editor's favorite sport. Game modes in AM2's arcade volleyball port are expected to include training, arcade, world tour, and four-player versus mode. Beach Spikers should see a summer release on GameCube. A fully bump mapped AO rating is expected.

Donation Donation Donation Puppy
Sensaura Development Tools Agreement


Sensaura Limited has signed a third-party development tools agreement with Nintendo of America, which enables Sensaura technology to support Nintendo GameCube developers, allowing additional audio functionality to be included in games titles. Sensaura's new audio middleware product, GameCODA supports Nintendo GameCube and makes it easy for games professionals to implement the same extended functionality and high quality audio across all platforms, whilst fully optimising and supporting the hardware. " We are delighted to be working with Nintendo, their support is critical in our implementation of GameCODA which provides cost effective enhanced audio for all the major console platforms, resulting in a reduced time to market," said Doug Balfour, VP Sensaura.

New Super Mario Sunshine Screens!


New game screens from Super Mario Sunshine were revealed in the latest issue of Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu. The new screens reveal, for the first time ever, Yoshi's involvement in the game. Mario continues to explore the tropical environment and appear on a beach in one screen. We thank IGN Cube very much for the great scans.

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2


EA has announced plans to release Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2 for Nintendo GameCube. Currently in development by EA Seattle, Hot Pursuit 2 will release on next-generation consoles this summer. Further building upon the franchises' award-winning legacy, Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2 will feature classic open road racing with the added intensity of police intervention, as first seen in Need For Speed III Hot Pursuit. This year's game allows the player to select from over 20 licensed exotics from the world's most coveted manufacturers including the Ferrari 360 Spider, Lamborghini Murcielago and Porsche Carrera GT.

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2 will feature five different gameplay modes: Quick Race, Single Challenge, Hot Pursuit, Championship, Two-Player, and an all-new "Top Cop" mode for the Xbox, Nintendo GameCube, and PC versions. This brand new mode allows players to actually "be the cop" by taking on a career as a high-speed highway patrolman by competing in over 30 events. Hot Pursuit and Championship modes also consist of over 30 challenging race events that if completed, the player will be rewarded with new cars, tracks and high performance upgrades. Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2 will feature over 20 tracks, with up to 12 miles of road and environments ranging from the lush forests to the sandy beaches.

ZooCube Details


Those of you interested in ZooCube, Acclaims upcoming GameCube puzzle game, will be glad to hear that a site for the game has just been launched. currently offers the title's story and features along with game screens and movies. Simple to learn, but tricky to master, ZooCube brings frantic, heart-racing action to the Nintendo GameCube and Game Boy Advance. Created by PuzzleKings, ZooCube takes puzzlers to a whole new dimension. The story reads, "Around the world, animals have been transformed by shape-altering science experiments and need help in returning to their natural state. Players use their ZooCube to rescue and return the animals to the flying ark." ZooCube will be released on May 15th. 

Nickelodeon Party Blast


Infogrames and Nickelodeon will introduce Nickelodeon Party Blast, a competative party game, later this year on GameCube and Xbox. With Nickelodeon Party Blast it's a battle of the Nicktoons All-Stars - including Invader Zim, Jimmy Neutron, SpongeBob SquarePants, Otto and Reggie Rocket from Rocket Power, Angelica and Tommy from the Rugrats, and The Wild Thornberrys Eliza. Kids play as their favorite star as they slam dunk wearing in-line skates, race through Nick-themed environments, squirt Goooze and have an all-out food fight - all while trying to get the highest score against up to three of their friends. Petrina McPhee comments, "Nothing speaks to kids like Nickelodeon does. Combine their favorite Nicktoons characters with everything kids love - racing, food fights and crazy Nick-style games - and you've got Nickelodeon Party Blast."  

Contra on GameCube


Reports have surfaced that Konami is in development with a new Contra title for Nintendo GameCube. Tentatively titled New Contra, the game is rumored to be scheduled for a 2003 release. Contra may also be in development for Game Boy Advance though no connectivity features are known. Contra Spirits was in development for Nintendo 64 before being cancelled in 1999. Please note that the report has not yet been confirmed by Konami. will have further details soon...

Pro Logic II Introduced for GameCube Developers


Dolby Laboratories' Dolby Surround Pro Logic II technology is now available for all Nintendo GameCube developers through Factor 5's MusyX development tool, which is offered exclusively by Nintendo. Dolby's Pro Logic II delivers a full five channels of surround sound through conventional stereo connectors included with all game consoles. Pro Logic II will allow all developers for the Nintendo GameCube to deliver immersive, near-cinematic surround sound during gameplay. 

Jack Buser, Manager of Game Developer Relations at Dolby Laboratories explained, "Pro Logic II is ideal for Nintendo GameCube because the technology allows developers to create astounding audio effects in their games without a significant hit to the console's CPU." Julian Eggebrecht, President of Factor 5 further commented, "As the developer of Star Wars Rogue Leader: Rogue Squadron 2, the first game ever to feature Dolby Pro Logic II, we found Dolby Pro Logic II was easy to use and was seamlessly incorporated - it's an extremely clean solution for games."

Nintendo Cuts GameCube's European Launch Price


In response to slower than expected sales of their Xbox game console, Microsoft announced last week a 38% cut in Xbox's sticker price for continental Europe to €299 (or $266) and a 34% cut in the console's UK price to £199 (or $288). Nintendo has finally responded to Microsoft's announcement by significantly reducing GameCube's price for the coming European launch. GameCube will now come to market in the region on May 3rd with a price tag of €199 (or $178) - 33% under Xbox's revised price. This represents a full 20% cut from Nintendo's originally quoted launch price of €249 (or $222). GameCube will arrive in Australia on May 17th at $329 Australian (or $177). Nintendo's Hiroshi Imanishi denied that the price cut was in response to Microsoft's announcement. "We had originally planned to offer GameCube below 200 but needed to figure out specific production costs before actually announcing the price." Considering the precedent set by NOA's last second Nintendo 64 pre-launch price cut, this statement is not wholly inconceivable. 

Super Monkey Ball 2


GamePro Magazine has revealed the first details on Amusement Visions upcoming Super Monkey Ball 2. The game will include over 150 single-player levels and much expanded multiplayer modes. Multiplayer games should include updated billiards and bowling along with six new mini-games - one of which appears to be a soccer game. We apologize for the poor quality of the screens as they are magazine scans.

Single Player Jungle Level Lava Level Multiplayer
Pichu Bros: Party Panic 


ESRB, the nation's leading entertainment software rating body, has given the first indication as to the existence of a new GameCube game from Nintendo titled 'Pichu Bros: Party Panic'. Though no further details are currently known, it can be speculated that the game will feature Pichu, Pokemon #172, or the pre-evolution of Pikachu. The "Party Panic" title may also suggest gameplay similar to that seen in Mario Party. Firm details on the game should be revealed at May's E3 Expo.

LucasArts to make WWII Flight Combat Game


LucasArts today announced the resumption of its relationship with Totally Games to develop a World War II flight combat game for next generation consoles and the PC. The new game, expected to release in 2003, will immerse would-be fighter pilot aces into dynamic, edge-of-the-seat air-to-air and air-to-ground battle scenarios in a variety of combat theaters over Europe and other territories. The story-driven game will drop players into a secret, elite squad of pilots who undertake the most dangerous missions of World War II.

GameCube Sales: 3/31 - 4/6 


According to a CSFB Weekly Report on North American video game sales, Nintendo's GameCube outsold Microsoft's Xbox once again in the first week of April. Nintendo sold 30,000 GameCube units in the week reported, down from 32,000 last week but still up from 28,000 units two weeks ago. Microsoft sold 24,000 Xbox units, down from 28,000 last week. GBA sold 73,000 units, a decline from the 116,000 units sold last week. Sony's PlayStation 2, which leads sales in next-generation consoles, also saw a decline to 57,000 units from 65,000 the week prior.

In the report, CSFB offered recalculated estimates of North American console installed base. Based on data provided by NPD Funworld, CSFB projects GameCube's installed base at 1,519,000 units, Game Boy Advance at 6,003,000, PlayStation 2 at 8,379,000, and Xbox at 1,819,000.

Jane's Attack Squadron 


European gaming news publication Games Press has indicated that Xicat's PC flight combat title, Jane's Attack Squadron, will be ported to GameCube in late 2002. The game features 14 flyable aircraft available for patrol, intercept, and strategic bombing, plus air strikes on a wide range of targets including warships, subs, trains, tanks, airfields, and factories.

Square, Enix: No GameCube at E3


Planet GameCube has learned that neither Square nor Enix will have GameCube or GBA titles on display at this May's E3 Expo 2002. Many GameCube fans are looking forward to Final Fantasy titles on both platforms from Square. RPGs from Enix are also highly anticipated. While much can change in a month, it looks like we'll have to wait until this year's Tokyo Game Show or SpaceWorld for RPG product unveilings from these companies.

Minority Report Details


Activision confirmed today that Treyarch is in development on a Minority Report game for Nintendo GameCube among other next-generation platforms. Inspired by Steven Spielberg’s upcoming feature film, “Minority Report,” the video game puts players in the role of a PreCrime Police Officer wrongfully accused of murder. Throughout the third person action/adventure game, players will explore many of the locations from the film, as well as make use of advanced weapons and gadgets straight out of the movie in an attempt to clear their name. Minority Report will be released this winter.

GameCube in Resident Evil


Just a nice addition Capcom added to Resident Evil we thought you might enjoy. Three of these consoles are hidden throughout the Resident Evil environment. Finding the MO Disks contained within provides the codes necessary to unlock a door allowing for the rescue of Chris (in Jill's game) or Jill (in Chris' game).

NCAA College Football 2K3


SEGA Sports today announced the signing of former University of Nebraska quarterback and 2001 Heisman Trophy winner Eric Crouch to serve as the official spokesperson and cover athlete for NCAA College Football 2K3. Produced by Visual Concepts, the development house behind the acclaimed NFL 2K and NBA 2K series, NCAA College Football 2K3 will deliver an authentic college football experience never before seen in sports video games, in time for the start of the 2002 college football season. Eric met with the development team to help recreate the look and feel of college football. The game will be released on GameCube in the fall of 2002.

12,000,000 GameCubes in 2002


Bloomberg is reporting that Nintendo anticipates to sell twelve million GameCube systems worldwide by the end of 2002. While the company has shipped just four million thus far, the coming European launch and releases of Mario Sunshine, Metroid Prime, Star Fox Adventures, and Legend of Zelda among other GameCube exclusives should move the necessary units to meet this goal. 

Nintendo Forecasts Record Profits


Nintendo has increased its group net profit forecast for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2002. The move is largely attributed to a weaker yen, which greatly impacts profits after income is repatriated to the domestic currency. In a slightly negative development, Nintendo lowered its revenue outlook for the year to 550b yen ($4.2b) from 580b yen ($4.4b) because of delayed GameCube titles and the lowered price of Game Boy Advance hardware. In the year ended March 2001, Nintendo posted a net profits of 96.6b yen ($738m) on sales of 462.5b yen ($3.5b).

Travis Pastrina's Pro MotoX


Activision is expanding its industry leading Activision O2 brand lineup with the development of a new motocross game that will be headlined by three-time undefeated Summer X-Games freestyle gold medallist, Travis Pastrana. The sixth title to be marketed under the Activision O2 brand, Travis Pastrana's Pro MotoX will feature other top riders including Mike Brown, Tommy Clowers, Ernesto Fonseca and Carey Hart. Though it has yet to be announced which system the title will release on, it's quite likely that the GameCube will be one of them. Activision vice president Kathy Vrabeck commented, "The popularity of motocross events worldwide has continued to rise with attendance numbers reaching all-time highs... Activision's partnership with Travis will allow us to deliver a comprehensive, authentic motocross experience that lets players compete in both freestyle riding and head-to-head racing action."

25,000 GameCube Pre-Orders in UK


25,000 pre-orders for Nintendo GameCube have been placed in the UK with a month to go before the console's May 3rd European launch. David Gosen, Nintendo's European marketing director commented, "We are giving gamers a great offer and it is clear they are responding." Nintendo further reported similar interest across Europe and anticipates preorders in the UK could reach 50,000 by May.

GameCube Outselling Xbox


According to a CSFB Weekly Report on North American video game sales, Nintendo's GameCube outsold Microsoft's Xbox in the last week of March. "Hardware sales were up week over week. Sony sold 65,000 PS2 units in the week up from 62,000 last week. Microsoft sold 28,000 Xbox hardware units, down from 30,000 last week. Nintendo sold 32,000 GameCube units, up from 28,000 units last week. Game Boy Advance sold 116,000 units, up from 100,000 last week, and still well above our expectations for the quarter." GameCube, which has been slightly lagging Xbox in North American sales, is looking to close the gap with upcoming system-sellers including Resident Evil and Eternal Darkness.

Resident Evil Wallpaper


With the Japanese launch of Biohazard (Resident Evil) on GameCube, Capcom has made available a number of Biohazard-themed desktop wallpapers. To select a wallpaper for your desktop, click the appropriate link below, then right click on the resulting image, and select "set as background" or "set as wallpaper" from the menu.

640x480 640x480
800x600 800x600
1024x768 1024x768
Signs of Life in Games of Death


In his latest article, industry journalist Steven Kent offers a fascinating look into the much anticipated survival horror games, Resident Evil and Eternal Darkness. Further, Kent offers great perspective on what these games mean to Nintendo. "Neither Resident Evil nor Eternal Darkness will close the 6 million-console gap between GameCube and PlayStation 2. The Nintendo name has long lacked credibility with older audiences, and these games should go a long way toward expanding the breadth of the GameCube audience." Click over to MSNBC to read Kent's Signs of Life in Games of Death.

THQ's New Development Studio 


THQ announced today that it has opened a game development studio in Seattle that will focus on console development. The studio, Cranky Pants Games, is currently working on a Nintendo GameCube project scheduled for release in 2003. Cranky Pants Games manager David Bollesen commented, "THQ has consistently demonstrated a commitment to quality entertainment and growth... Teaming up with THQ to bring first class products on the next generation game consoles is something we are really excited about."

Playable Resident Evil 0 at E3 Expo


Capcom's next installment in the Resident Evil series will be revealed at E3 Expo 2002. Resident Evil 0 is expected to be playable. This development comes from the always-reliable IGN Cube, while Capcom has yet to comment on the subject. In a related story from IGN, Resident Evil will ship in North America this month without a packed-in memory card as the title did in Japan.

Sega's Beach Spikers


What do beautiful women, bikinis, and GameCube all have in common? AM2's Yu Suzuki recently unveiled Beach Strikers at Sega's GameJam show. Game modes are expected to include training, arcade, world tour, and four-player versus mode. The game is anticipated for release some time this summer. Click over to IGN Cube for exclusive videos of Beach Strikers in action.

Activision Acquires Shaba 


Activision today announced the acquisition of software developer Shaba Games. As part of the transaction, Shaba's management team and key employees have signed long-term employment contracts with Activision. Members of Shaba's team have worked on such critically acclaimed games as Pandemonium, Grind Session and Soul Reaver: Legacy of Kain. What does this have to do with GameCube? In the press release announcing the acquisition, it was revealed that Shaba is currently in development on Shaun Murray's Pro Wakeboarder for the GameCube, PS2, and Xbox.

GameCube to $1?9.99 in Late 2002? 


According to a Reuters report, "Nintendo Co. Ltd. may cut the price of its new GameCube console later this year, depending on a similar price cut from Sony for its PlayStation 2... Vice President of Marketing George Harrison said a GameCube cut was contingent on whether any Sony price cut is to $199 or $249, from the current price of $299."

Harrison explained to Reuters, "We haven't made a decision on (a price cut)... Sony's expected to make the first move and then we'll see where we stand."  Essentially, were Sony to cut the PS2's sticker to $199, a Nintendo response would be very likely. Harrison shed light on the timing of any GameCube price cut, commenting that it would have to take effect by August to have the best impact on holiday sales.

Sony is expected to announce a PlayStation 2 price reduction at this year's E3 Expo 2002. Quite a number of price points are possible. It's also speculated that any price drop by Sony would find a reaction from Microsoft whose Xbox console has a $299 sticker. GameCubicle speculates that Nintendo's GameCube console would likely see a price point in the range of $159 to $179 were any price cuts to take place later this year.

Eternal Darkness Films


This summer, Nintendo of America and film entertainment company Hypnotic combine efforts to promote the upcoming GameCube title, Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem via a pioneering online filmmaking competition, Nintendo is searching for a short film that perfectly embodies the haunting themes of its new video game thriller launching this summer. Originally unveiled last fall, this unique video game promotion spurred an overwhelming response from the film community, as more than 500 movie treatments were received from around the country. The entries were narrowed to 10 finalists in January, based on use of themes from the video game, such as hallucinations, Black Magic and insanity. Currently each of the 10 budding filmmakers is developing a five-minute short film that will be posted on beginning May 23rd. The films will be judged by a panel of top-tier entertainment industry executives to ultimately pick the grand-prize winner.

The winning filmmaker will receive $20,000 and a chance for his / her short film to be shown at a Hypnotic venue at the same time as a major film festival. Other finalists will receive prizes, including GameCube systems and video games. Winners will be announced in mid-July. Additional contest details and a complete list of rules are posted on "Nintendo has built its business on innovation and creativity," says Peter MacDougall, executive vice president at Nintendo of America, Inc. "By taking the game to emerging filmmakers, we're tapping into those same traits to introduce Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem to older audiences beyond our typical marketing avenues." Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem is supported by a multi-million dollar marketing campaign, including the promotion, as well as traditional print and television advertising.

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