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GB Advance


August, 2001


Exclusive Rogue Leader Details!


Some exclusive new details to report direct from Lucas Arts regarding the highly anticipated game, Rogue Leader. Rogue Leader is definitely GameCube exclusive and will be available for GameCube's launch on November 18th in North America and later on launch day in Europe. Here are a few other details...

Namco's Ridge Racer on GameCube


According to a press release on Namco's site, the loved racing game Ridge Racer will be released for GameCube as well as PS2 and XBOX. This is great news for GameCube owners... two fantastic system-selling titles will now be available on the system from Namco: Soul Calibur 2 and Ridge Racer.

A tropical storm/typhoon is now positioned off the south coast of Japan. Known as Typhoon Pabuk, the storm has been steadily growing in force over the Pacific Ocean. It now qualifies as a Category 2 on the Saffir-Simpson Scale with winds of 96-110 mph. The center of the storm is anticipated to hit mainland Japan in full force on August 22nd...

SpaceworldLIVE Coverage from


SpaceworldLIVE, presented by Gamerlog, is the Internet destination for the finest coverage of Nintendo's Space World 2001. "The next many hours will be among the most exciting for Nintendo fans, ever." The site features live data feeds, email updates, links to coverage from many gaming sites, and more.

Super Monkey Ball Packaging & Advertisement


Yesterday we had our first look at Japanese GameCube game packaging. Direct from Japan, new GameCube box images have been revealed. Below you'll find more detailed pictures of Super Monkey Ball's packaging as well as a print advertisement for the game. As you can see the box is extremely small...

Interplay Announces Galleon for GameCube


Interplay Entertainment announced today that Galleon: Islands of Mystery, is currently in development for the GameCube. The game, which is set across six unique islands, introduces Rhama Sabrier - a new video game hero and "the dashing, fearless captain of the galleon Endeavour." Released under Interplay's Digital Mayhem banner, Galleon is being developed by Confounding Factor...

Japanese GameCube Boxes
Some incredible images to report this morning direct from Japan. The following are the first known images of Japanese GameCube boxes. The games appear to be in a plastic and cardboard cases (possibly all plastic) "smaller than" the standard DVD cases in which North American GameCube games will be packaged...

First Ever GameCube Commercial


A fluid tidal wave sweeps across the screen with a large mist floating in the air. As the camera closes in, it's revealed that the wave is compiled from thousands of GameCubes. So begins Nintendo's first known televised GameCube commercial. The viewer is taken into a gamecube (Similar to Sega's Dreamcast commercials?) and views WaveRace: Blue Storm in action. Enjoy...

Secret Sonic Team Game Revealed
Ever since Sega's Sonic Team announced a secret Spaceworld title at by way of a mysterious picture, Internet message board users and gaming sites have been trying to solve the puzzle. The mystery original game screen has finally been revealed...

Namco's Soul Calibur 2 Confirmed


Though many in the industry have known for a long time, IGN Cube has confirmed without a shadow of a doubt that Namco's Soul Calibur 2 is coming to GameCube! Soul Calibur is considered by many to be the best fighting game of all time. Its addition to the GameCube library is a major milestone and will surely contribute to increased GameCube sales. An official announcement will not come until August 23rd.

eBay Cuts Illegal GCN Controller Auction


A few days ago an eBay user placed a GameCube controller up for auction. The model was the same as those seen at E3 and the cord for the controller had been cut. It didn't take much for those in the business to remember a missing controller from E3 and put the story together. The controller had received legitimate bids upwards of $700 (then a $14,999 bid) before being shut down.

Sega Exec Loves the Cube


President of Sega’s Amusement Vision division, Toshihiro Nagoshi, has expressed his enthusiasm for Nintendo's GameCube in a telling quote, “Our entire staff fell in love with the GameCube when we first received development kits, and I think players will too. Even if Nintendo is perceived as catering to a younger audience, GameCube will win over players of all ages.”

Nintendo Stock Drops


Nintendo ended down 9.17% or 1,970 yen at 19,520 in Japanese trading. The steep decline appears to be the direct result of the yen's sudden appreciation against the dollar. A strong yen hurts the profits of exporters when repatriated to the Japanese currency. Reuters quoted Lisa Spicer, analyst at ING Barings, "It does impact Nintendo because about 70 percent of their sales are overseas.''

EXCLUSIVE: Mario Twins Interview
Found everywhere from message boards to prominent gaming sites such as NintendoWeb, Mario Twins is the latest in a stream of word-of-mouth sensations to explode on the Web. For the first time ever, creator Keith McKnight discusses the creation of Mario Twins...

GameCube Wired by 2002


Nintendo will ship 56k and broadband GameCube modems in early 2002 - at least in Japan. The modem attachment allows for interactive online game play. Sega will follow suit, releasing Phantasy Star Online by March of 2002. The news essentially confirms no GameCube online in this year. - Nikkei Net

Extreme G3 for 4 Players


Acclaim's XG3 will feature an exclusive four player mode on the GameCube. The game will also see much improvement over its PS2 counterpart. The third installment in the popular XG brand, which has sold more than 1.3 million units worldwide, XG3 Extreme Racing is poised to be the fastest futuristic racing game on the Nintendo GameCube.

GBA, Better than Sex


Nintendo of Europe recently premiered an innovative Game Boy Advance marketing campaign. "GBA: Almost Better than Sex" is the slogan and if your jaw hasn't dropped yet, take a look at some captures from the very risqué commercial below. It would seem that Nintendo really wants Game Boy Advance to capture the "adult" gaming market.

Japanese GameCube Box Art
A picture of Nintendo's Japanese GameCube packaging began circulating the Internet today. Though the box design could not be confirmed as legitimate, there are no signs of image tampering. GameCubicle enhanced the picture quality for your viewing pleasure.

GCN Lockout Confirmed


Inside sources have confirmed to IGN Cube that the GameCube will have internal lockouts preventing the use of US games on Japanese systems and vice- versa. Further, Nintendo has apparently taken impressive steps to insure the regional lockout is not vulnerable to hacks or mod-chip workarounds for a long time. Nintendo systems as far back as the NES have had lockouts.

Incredible New SSB Melee Screens


Some incredible new Super Smash Bros. Melee images to report this afternoon direct from Nintendo Co. Ltd. in Japan. These images display Mario's jaw-dropping moves. The translated name of each move in order of depiction... Fireball, Super Jump Punch, Superman To, unknown, and Fireball once more. Who cares what each is titled - the moves look beautiful.

Spaceworld Details from Famitsu


Famitsu is reporting some interesting Spaceworld details. 81 titles will be on display (15 for GameCube) with more, not present at the show, being revealed by Nintendo. Dancing men in hamster costumes as well has the SSB Melee and Mario Kart Advance tournaments will be show highlights. A Kirby television cartoon series will also premiere at the show. - TendoBox

Arakawa Gaming Magazine Interview


Japanese gaming magazine GB Advance recently obtained an exclusive interview with Minoru Arakawa, President of Nintendo of America. Arakawa discusses the Electronic Entertainment Expo, Nintendo's market share, GameCube strategy, and more. Though nothing spectacular was revealed, the interview makes for an interesting read. Core Magazine translated the interview.

GameCube Only for Kids? No...


Hideo Kojima, Konami's famed director of MGS2, was recently misquoted in American press as stating, "Nintendo GameCube is for kids and immature people." Kojima commented, "What I mean is not always re-created in the article with my intentions, but instead are misinterpreted. I personally have high hopes for the GameCube. I would like to develop a game for GameCube." - IGN Cube

UbiSoft: 19 GameCube Games


French publisher UbiSoft announced 19 GameCube games are in the works. Two of the titles include Disney's Tarzan and Batman: Vengeance. A Rayman title is nearly guaranteed. Other UbiSoft brands include Battle Realms, Championship Surfer,  Disney's Donald Duck, Evil Twin, Evolution, Final Fight, Grandia, Largo Winch, Men in Black, Pod Speed Zone, Rogue Spear, Suzuki Alstare Racer, V.I.P.

Intriguing New Zelda Details


Internet gaming site Nintendojo has reported some very interesting details on Nintendo's future Zelda GameCube title. According to Ken Otawa's interview with a Japanese gaming magazine, the game play of Zelda will be like nothing ever seen before. Though the development is just a rumor as of now, the discovered interview sounds very convincing. Many details inside...

Japan FTC: Nintendo Competitor Guilty!


Japan's Fair Trade Commission has decide Sony Corp broke fair-trade rules by pressuring retailers to sell software for the PlayStation at set prices and through predetermined channels. Sony accepted the ruling, "We respect the FTC's stance and will make sure that our policy of not setting resale conditions on wholesalers for PlayStation hardware and software is observed." - Reuters

CONFUSION Surrounding GameCube Numbers
Since the time published news of Nintendo GameCube production numbers, the story has diverged in many directions. Conflicting reports surrounding the North American allocation of 1,100,000 units has caused significant confusion in the gaming media.

"E" Rated Games Violent?


A recent Harvard study analyzed games with an E rating, intended for players ages 6 and older. The report reads, "some of these games are cute, but they may also be violent." GameCubicle advises parents to immediately throw out the family Nintendo - along with water guns, action figures, the dodge ball, and animated videos.

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