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GB Advance


August, 2002


1,000,000 GameCube Sold in Europe


Since its May launch, GameCube has sold over one million units in Europe. At this week's ECTS, David Gosen, Managing Director of Nintendo Europe, commented "We've had an extremely busy and successful year. GameCube launched in a blaze of glory and style and sold one million in just eleven weeks."

Nintendo Holds Firm on European Pricing


David Gosen, Managing Director of Nintendo Europe, today reaffirmed Nintendo's support of GameCube at the €199 price point (approximately $178/£129) at ECTS. The announcement follows recent console price cuts by Microsoft and Sony in Europe earlier this week. Microsoft's Xbox will now retail for €249 in the region with Sony's PS2 retailing for €249 to €259.

100 GameCube Titles in Europe by Christmas


Nintendo GameCube will have 100 titles for gamers to choose from this Christmas in Europe. Not content with an impressive 20 titles available for the day of its European launch on May 3rd, Nintendo is adding another 80 first and third party titles to the console that is already entertaining a million gamers across Europe. Nintendo has been working hard ever since the launch in May to keep quality gaming a top priority.

Acclaim Ships Turok Evolution


We usually don't report on publishers shipping games but we have news that should make many Turok fans very happy. Acclaim has shipped Turok Evolution early and the game should be available for Nintendo GameCube nationwide by August 29th. While September 1st is still the official release date, the retailers we spoke with said they'd have the game on store shelves by Thursday. Edmond Sanctis, President of Acclaim, said in an Acclaim press release, "9-1-02 marks the culmination of a three year journey to make the biggest and best Turok game in the history of our organization, and we can't wait for consumers to experience this product first-hand."

U.S. Submarines Receive Video Game Consoles


Every one of the 72 submarines in the American fleet now has a new state-of-the-art video game console, plus about 20 of the current top-selling video games, thanks to an unprecedented drive by the U.S. computer and video game industry to show support and thanks to American troops waging the war on terrorism, the Interactive Digital Software Association (IDSA) announced today. "The generosity the IDSA displayed in making these game consoles and games available to our people is outstanding," said Force Master Chief Donald Kultti, U.S. Submarine Force. "We are really working our people hard these days and this sort of thing permits them an escape from the demanding schedule that requires perfection out of them all. Thanks to the IDSA for their contributions to the men of the United States Submarine Force. We appreciate them." Working with the U.S. Navy, the IDSA coordinated industry donations so that each of the 72 Navy submarines received a Nintendo GameCube, PlayStation 2, or Microsoft Xbox and a selection of top games. IDSA members donated a total of more than 1,700 games to this effort.

Super Mario Sunshine Web Site


The official Super Mario Sunshine site has been relaunched with loads of game information, screens, movies, and wallpapers. Visitors can even join Mario's Clean-Up Crew and suit up with FLUDD to help clear the site of unwanted sludge...

Metroid Prime to Fuse with GBA


At the Nintendo Gamer's Summit today, Nintendo announced that Metroid Prime will be able to link up with Metroid Fusion through the GCN/GBA link cable. Though no specific details were revealed, use of the connection is expected to be significant. Both games will be released on November 18th. We apologize for the title of this story.

Wreckless: The Yakuza Missions


Wreckless: The Yakuza Missions may be headed to Nintendo GameCube according to a game page at The once Xbox-exclusive racer was recently announced to be in development for PlayStation 2. Please note that while this development is very promising, Activision has yet to confirm the title for Nintendo GameCube. GameCubicle contacted Activision before posting this story but a spokesperson declined to comment. 

Hunter: The Reckoning


Interplay Entertainment announced today that Hunter: The Reckoning is coming to Nintendo GameCube this winter. Developed by High Voltage Software, Hunter: The Reckoning is a fast and furious action game based on the characters and fiction found in the popular role-playing game Hunter: The Reckoning and the immersive World of Darkness. "We are extremely excited about bringing Hunter to the Nintendo GameCube," states Jim Molitor, Vice President of Production at Interplay. "We don't want Nintendo GameCube owners missing out on this thrilling game." Played from a third person perspective, Hunter immerses players in a town plagued by creatures of the night. Throughout the game's many gothic environments, players will face over 30 creature variants from bloodthirsty vampires to unstoppable legions of the walking dead. Hunter has already garnered stellar reviews and has been called a spiritual successor to the Gauntlet series, with the ability for up to four players to play cooperatively on the same screen.

Turok Evolution Goes Gold


The countdown to the return of the premier first-person action icon has officially begun, as Acclaim Entertainment today announced that its eagerly anticipated title, Turok: Evolution, has "gone gold" and into manufacturing in preparation for its "Turok Bloody Sunday - 9-01-02" launch across all next-generation systems. Developed by Acclaim's world-renowned Austin Studio, Turok: Evolution is a prequel to the blockbuster franchise that has generated more than 6 million units and $250 million in sales worldwide. Featuring an entirely new game engine that was specifically designed for the next-generation gaming systems, Turok: Evolution is an epic adventure of exploration, treachery and war set against a backdrop of lush jungles, mysterious temples and the most realistic and deadly array of dinosaurs ever to be created in a video game. "Turok: Evolution has been in development for the past three years and we are very proud of our team in Austin, who have diligently focused on delivering this incredible action gaming experience," said Edmond Sanctis, President of Acclaim North America. "On 9-01-02, consumers, regardless of what system they own, will be able to immerse themselves in the best and biggest Turok game we've ever done."

EW Reviews Mario Sunshine


Leading pop culture magazine, Entertainment Weekly took a look at Mario's latest adventure in the Digital section of its latest issue. While not the most in-depth article, editor Geoff Keighley's review of Nintendo's Super Mario Sunshine is fairly good...

Nintendo's Shining Star


With the coming launch of Super Mario Sunshine, GameCubicle takes a look back at the history of Mario, from Miyamoto's first drawing to the character's domination of the video game world. Few industry icons can claim the multitude of phenomenal successes...

Ikaruga on GameCube


Treasure's shooter, Ikaruga, will soon see a release on Nintendo GameCube courtesy of Infogrames. The European publisher informed IGN Cube today that it has acquired the publishing rights to Ikaruga and has set a tentative January 2003 release date.

Nintendo's GameCube Commercial (Final Fantasy)


Nintendo has begun to air a stunning new GameCube commercial in Japan featuring a number of the console's greatest games. Included in the ad is the first ever media of Square's Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicle. Click through to download the commercial...

Nintendo to Break World Record


Marking the release of his upcoming adventure, Super Mario Sunshine for Nintendo GameCube in true al dente style - Mario and Nintendo plan to break the world record for the largest bowl of edible pasta. To date, the largest bowl of spaghetti topped the scales at 2,564 pounds. The new record will weigh in at 2,700 pounds of pasta and sauce, provided by Bucca di Beppo. Nintendo will also be hosting a Mario look-alike contest at the event. Winning Mario look-a-likes will be chosen by audience votes to plunge into the giant record-breaking bowl of spaghetti in hopes to win a trip to Hawaii among other Nintendo prizes. Click over to for additional details.

Mario & Star Fox Retail Demos


Video game retailers across North America have received playable versions of Super Mario Sunshine and Star Fox Adventures from Nintendo for store display. Best Buy, Circuit City, GameStop, Electronics Boutique, Target, Toys 'R' Us, and Walmart are among the retailers that currently have playable demos on display.

NFL Comes to GameCube


NFL fans are in luck this month as a number of great football games will soon be coming to GameCube. So which is the best? Read up on Madden NFL 2003 and NCAA Football 2003 from EA Sports, NFL 2K3 from Sega, and NFL Blitz 20-03 from Midway...

Mario Sunshine Intro Sequence


Nintendo has released images of the opening sequence to the North American version of Super Mario Sunshine beginning with Mario's flight to Dolphic Island. Over one hundred images are available to click through on Nintendo of Japan's site

Square GBA Details


In the latest issue of Famitsu magazine, Square announced Japanese release forecasts for a number of Game Boy Advance games. Scheduled for release this year, Chocobo Successor will arrive on Game Boy in late 2002. New Final Fantasy Tactics, an updated version of the PlayStation game, is scheduled for a late 2002 or early 2003 release. Secret of Mana is will be released in summer 2003. Finally, Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicle, currently scheduled for release on Game Boy Advance in spring of 2003, was confirmed by Square to include GameCube link capabilities.

Make My Community Shine


In the coming weeks, communities in Seattle, Los Angeles, Miami, Philadelphia and Tucson will present a fresh new look with the help of Nintendo and the national youth organization SHiNE. Five artists, inspired by the forthcoming release of Mario's first...

Nintendo's Super Mario Sunshine Interview


Nintendo Co. Ltd. recently held a press conference in Japan where the designers of Super Mario Sunshine including Shigeru Miyamoto, Takashi Tezuka, and Yoshiaki Koizumi, discussed the game's development.'s translation of the interview...

Animal Crossing Pioneers


Nintendo of America has launched a nationwide contest to find the first video game players to experience its upcoming GameCube title, Animal Crossing, a full month before it becomes available to the general public. Through August 12, fans can enter in teams of two for the chance to be selected as Animal Crossing Pioneers. Nintendo will choose 125 teams via a contest on where they will be asked to explain why Nintendo should pick them to be Animal Crossing Pioneers. Winners will receive a pre-released copy of Animal Crossing. 

"Animal Crossing's success in Japan, with over 700,000 units sold, inspired us to want to get feedback as soon as possible from U.S. players," says Peter MacDougall, Executive VP of Sales and Marketing, Nintendo of America. "Animal Crossing Pioneers will be true trailblazers for Nintendo and we're looking forward to hearing about their virtual communities and experiences." The Animal Crossing Pioneers will work closely with Nintendo to complete game objectives, provide feedback, participate in online chats and post comments on an Animal Crossing Pioneer-only Web site.

Enclave on GameCube


Later this year, GameCube owners will enter the world of the Enclave, and join the eternal battle taking place between light and darkness. Starbreeze Studios has announced the action-adventure, Enclave, currently available for Xbox is in development for Nintendo GameCube. The game features over twenty-five levels, two separate campaigns, and multiple character classes with individual weapons, magic and skills. The game is tentatively scheduled for an October release. 

Animal Leader to North America


Released by Nintendo in Japan a number of months ago, Animal Leader will finally come to North America later this year under the title Cubivore. Leading publisher of interactive entertainment, Atlus will publish the game. The premise of Cubivore is simple… Eat or be eaten. Gamers assume the role of an animal in its early stages of development. But, in the harsh reality of nature, this creature has no parent to coddle and protect it. From the moment the game begins, your creature is on its own to fend for its life. Explore a number of different environments while consuming other animals to evolve into one of 100 possible creature combinations. Also, by collecting different items you can have access to stronger body parts such as horns and fangs, which can give you the edge in this dog-eat-dog world. However, no creature lives forever, so you’ll need to pass on your strongest traits to your offspring and the circle of life will begin again. Ultimately, the goal is to become powerful enough to topple the alpha creature and earn your rightful place at the top of the food chain. Akibo Shieh, Project Lead for Atlus comments, “With easy-to-learn controls and a quirky sense of humor, Cubivore, promises to deliver an entirely new gaming experience on the Nintendo GameCube.”

ZedTwo Announces Pillage


ZedTwo today announced Pillage for Nintendo GameCube among other next generation consoles. Pillage is an original, action strategy game where a gang of brave warriors must fight an evil band of creatures and avenge the destruction of their tribe. Pillage is Zed Two's first original production since the critically acclaimed Wetrix/AquaAqua and continues the company's tradition of remarkably addictive gameplay matched with rich visuals and environments. In the world of Pillage, years of rule by a race of despotic creatures has forced people to give up technology and regress to a simple existence, surviving off what they can grow and hoping that the creatures won't target them next. Pillage is currently scheduled for release in late 2002.

Super Bust-A-Move 2 Announced


Ubi Soft today announced it will publish Super Bust-A-Move 2 for the Nintendo GameCube and PlayStation 2 later this year. Super Bust-A-Move 2 is the latest version of the hugely popular Bust-A-Move franchise featuring challenging puzzles, a fun cast of characters and highly-addictive gameplay appealing to gamers of all ages. Super Bust-A-Move 2 is a highly-addictive screen clearing puzzle action game for one or two players. The game includes a new edit mode where gamers can design their own levels for limitless replay value. Super Bust-A-Move 2 for the Nintendo GameCube is scheduled to ship to North American retail shelves this December. 

Miyamoto Comments on Mario Sunshine


Nintendo Co. Ltd. recently held a press conference in Japan at which company executives discussed the launch of Super Mario Sunshine. General Manager of Entertainment Analysis and Development, Shigeru Miyamoto was on hand to discuss... 

Sonic Mega Collection in 2002


Sega announced today that Sonic Mega Collection will be released this November in North America. Sonic Mega Collection includes Sonic The Hedgehog 1, 2, 3; Sonic & Knuckles; Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine; Sonic 3D Blast; and Sonic the Hedgehog Spinball.

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse


3DO today announced that it is collaborating with Simon Bisley to develop Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse for all next generation consoles including Nintendo GameCube. A dark adventure based on the biblical tale of Armageddon, Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse will be released in fall of 2003. "With intense action and beautiful style, Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse combines the abilities of extremely gifted artists, writers, engineers and actors to create a top-notch horror/action game," said Michael Mendheim, vice president and creative director with 3DO. "We're adding a modern, sinister spin on a classic theme, and creating a powerful main character that players will identify with. We're also going all-out with mature content mixed with action and violence of Biblical proportions.
Toys 'R' Us Sunshine Mailer


Toys 'R' Us mailed out advertisements for Super Mario Sunshine pre-orders recently promoting their free beach towel offer. The mailer reads, "Now it's up to Mario, his water cannon and you to make things less toxic and more tropic. Otherwise, the island will be plunged into total darkness! ...Good, clean fun only on GameCube." Click to view mailer. is an independent site and is in no way associated with Nintendo Co. Ltd. or NOA
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