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GB Advance


December, 2001


New Resident Evil Video


Capcom Japan just released an amazing video of Resident Evil in action. This remake of the original Resident Evil will be released in March in Japan and looks more beautiful than ever in the latest release. The video can be viewed here. 

Miyamoto Interview Breaks News


In an interview conducted by Dorimaga Magazine, Shigeru Miyamoto revealed a few interesting GameCube details. The lead Nintendo designer said that he would like the GameCube's console life to last upwards of seven to eight years. Though it sounds like a stretch, the PS One seems on it's way to succeed at this task very soon. The notion of GameCube lasting that long in such a competitive market hints at the power contained within the console that has yet to be revealed in any first generation games. Miyamoto further mentioned that gamers could expect the Legend of Zelda and Mario Sunshine in playable form at E3 2002.

Nintendo Announces Q1 2002 Releases 


"The new year is approaching and so is an incredible 2002 Nintendo line-up!" Nintendo of America today outlined scheduled first quarter 2002 GameCube releases. A total of 19 games make up the still-incomplete list with most rated E. Sports fans should be very happy... eight of the titles announced are of the sports genre. Among the games absent from the list that should be released within the quarter are Batman: Dark Tomorrow, Eternal Darkness, Galleon: Islands of Mystery, Jeremy McGrath Supercross World, PSO Version 2, Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, and Star Fox Adventures. The list will be updated by Nintendo in January.

18 Wheeler Pro Trucker E Acclaim

All-Star Baseball 2003 E Acclaim

Bloody Roar: Primal Fury T Activision

Dark Summit T THQ

ESPN Int. Winter Sports 2002 E Konami

ESPN MLS Extra Time 2002 E Konami

Gauntlet: Dark Legacy E Midway 

James Bond: Agent Under Fire ? Electronic Arts 

Legends of Wrestling ? Acclaim 

NBA 2K2 E Sega 

NBA Courtside 2002 E Nintendo

NBA Street Basketball E EA Sports

NFL Blitz 2002 E Midway 

Pacman World 2 E Namco 

Rayman Arena ? Ubi Soft

Smashing Drive ? Namco 

Spy Hunter T Midway 

Tetris World E THQ 

Virtua Striker 3 E Sega's Christmas Morning Gift


In yet another holiday gift from to Nintendo fans, on Christmas morning, made a number of GameCube items available with FREE shipping! The promotion will last from December 25th through the end of the year. Act fast because we anticipate much of the GameCube free shipping selection to sell out within a day or two. Among the many games and accessories available for free shipping (in limited supply) are, Luigi's Mansion, Pikmin, Super Smash Bros Melee, Wave Race, Nintendo Memory Paks, and all GameCube Controllers!

Pikmin in New York


The last time we saw Pikmin take to the streets was in Chicago during Thanksgiving. Well, Nintendo was at it again last weekend, sending Pikmin to New York City during the holidays to help out shoppers. The Pikmin made appearances at FAO Schwartz, Saks Fifth Avenue, and the Today Show window...

Nintendo Details International Operations


Nintendo Co. Ltd's Company Earnings Report on 9/30 revealed a very promising expansion of operations. In the worldwide operating chapters section, Nintendo lists its international divisions, subsidiaries, and affiliates. The company now has a total of twenty six subsidiaries...

Sega's Seaman Swims to GameCube


It now looks as though Sega's popular voice recognition fish tank simulation, Seaman, will soon be making its way to the GameCube. Though Sega has yet to officially confirm the game, very strong rumors point in this direction. "As you raise him from an egg to adulthood, Seaman becomes really attached to you. Visit him regularly to feed him and make sure his tank is comfy, but most of all, to communicate with him. Seaman loves to talk and needs some good conversation to keep him happy. He's smart enough to remember what you tell him, and he may even bring up secrets you've told him in past discussions." Seaman for the GameCube would likely come bundled with a microphone and is rumored to be able to synch with a Game Boy Advance.

Amusement Vision Christmas Wallpaper


Amusement Vision's official web site has made available two very cute Christmas-themed Super Monkey Ball wallpaper. The wallpaper features that famous little monkey in a Santa suit. You can visit their wallpaper page to select the size and format of the wallpaper you like.'s Holiday Gift


It's a holiday gift from Amazon to anyone who has yet to find a GameCube in stock at retail. has made some additional GameCube bundles available for the holidays. Currently, most of the bundles are in stock but don't expect this to last. GameCubicle gives you this alert so you can benefit from these new deals before...

Peter Main on Fox News


Peter Main, Nintendo of America's Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing, recently made an appearance on Fox News Channel's business show, "Your World with Neil Cavuto." If you missed the interview, the following is a transcription by GameCubicle...

Sega Soccer Slam


Sega's Visual Concepts has developed the surprise GameCube exclusive sports title, Sega Soccer Slam. The NBA-Jam style soccer game will entail some very unique characters in 3 on 3 action. Visual Concepts is the company responsible for the NFL and NBA 2k series that has consistently won high acclaim. View the first-ever screen shots from Soccer Slam in the full story. 

Furry Star Fox Pictures 


Rare has released a number of screen shots from the coming GameCube platformer, Star Fox Adventures. Since the title was first revealed at E3 2001, Adventures has seen marked graphical improvements. The latest screens from Rare demonstrate the game's use of advanced fur techniques (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6). In previous days, Rare offered a few screens that showed off the title's beautiful environments (1, 2, 3, 4).

Ten Best Selling November Titles


Leading market information provider, NPDFunworld announced that the total U.S. video game industry, consisting of video game hardware, software and accessories, has generated $6.4 billion in revenue year-to-date 2001 (January to November). This compares to $4.7 billion during the same time last year. An incredible 2.6 million video game consoles were purchased in November. Of the best selling titles, Luigi's Mansion took the #3 slot selling at a rate of one unit to every two GameCubes.

Top Video Game Titles, Sorted by Units November, 2001











Source: NPDFunworld TRSTS Service                 

Miyamoto & Iwata to Attend Industry Summit


Shigeru Miyamoto and Satoru Iwata will participate in the 2002 D.I.C.E. Summit (Design, Innovate, Create, and Entertain), the first annual design summit for the interactive and game industry professional. This marks the first time Miyamoto will address an audience since the Nov. 18th North American launch of GameCube. He and Iwata will join a host of renowned speakers and personalities drawn from related entertainment and technology fields, representing all aspects of the interactive entertainment industry. Satoru is responsible for Nintendo's global corporate planning. 

Hosted by The Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences (AIAS), the D.I.C.E. Summit will be held Feb. 28 - March 1, 2002, at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. The summit features two days of seminars by some of the most creative minds in the interactive industry and will host the 5th Annual Interactive Achievement Awards as well. If you're in the industry and have an extra $950 in your pocket, visit the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences web site for attendance information. 

SA2 Battle has a Box


When Sonic Adventure 2 Battle is released in February, it will feature a stylish case showing off the many characters of the Sonic world. SA2 on the GameCube will feature a graphical upgrade over the Dreamcast version, completely reworked multiplayer modes, and a GBA/NGC interactive Chao games. Click to view the game's case. 

Konami Soccer on GameCube


Konami will be releasing "Live World Soccer 2002" for GameCube in Japan on February 21, 2002. It should be noted that details remain unclear at this time due to translation constraints. We believe this Japanese title corresponds to the long awaited sequel to the North American "International Superstar Soccer" franchise. Konami Magazine also made available the first in-game screens of the title playing on GameCube. 

"Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4" in Development 


Activision confirmed today that the company is currently in development on the fourth product in the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater franchise. Larry Goldberg, VP of Worldwide Studios for Activision commented, "By taking full advantage of the power and capabilities of the next-generation platforms, the Neversoft team will take the game to an all-new level of interactivity and fun." With THPS3 on GameCube being a PS2 port, the next iteration would take "full advantage" of the console's power by being built on an Xbox/GameCube quality level. According to Activision's press release, THPS4 is "slated for release in fiscal year 2003." Considering that the company has continually updated the franchise every 12 months like clockwork, this release date can be chalked up to good public relations - expect the game to be released well within Activision's fiscal year 2002... for that matter, within calendar 2002.

Nintendo Locks Down Internal Data


Alchemedia Technologies, a leading provider of Persistent Information Protection software, today announced that Nintendo of America will be using Alchemedia's Mirage security software to protect proprietary and sensitive material, including artwork and screen shots of upcoming games, internal documents, and other proprietary images on the company's Intranet. Mirage allows trusted users to view critical business information unimpeded while preventing the unauthorized distribution and copying of documents. Mirage helps companies control their intellectual property by ensuring data confidentiality and data currency. In the video game business, keeping information and screen shots relating to innovative games under wraps is key to maintaining a competitive advantage.

"Security is paramount in our company, if information on our products is made public before we're ready, it could have a detrimental effect on our current and future revenues. However, as in any development process, it's necessary to distribute confidential information throughout the company for ongoing production," says Perrin Kaplan, VP of Corporate Affairs for NOA. "By using Alchemedia's Mirage solution to secure internal collaboration, we can be confident proprietary and sensitive information being distributed goes no further than the intended recipients."

GameCube's Sales Update 


Nintendo of America published a press release this afternoon detailing point-by-point GameCube sales figures. The following are the data points from the release. For additional analysis of North American sales, click here.

Total North American shipments of Nintendo GameCube have now reached 1.1 million, with more than 800,000 sold through in the U.S., Canada and Latin America markets.

While retailers report out-of-stock situations, Nintendo is shipping more than 100,000 GameCube units every week to replenish supplies.

Due to the overwhelming success of the North American launch, Nintendo Co., Ltd. in Japan has announced an increase in Nintendo GameCube production.

Super Smash Brothers Melee has reached sales of more than a quarter of a million units in just nine days in the U.S. ...making it, by far, the fastest selling game for any new console launched this year.

Total Nintendo GameCube titles available will reach 21 by calendar year end, and 37 by fiscal year end.

The top selling video game system across all platforms in November was Nintendo's portable Game Boy Advance. It sold through 20 percent more units than any video game console.

In November, U.S. sales of all Nintendo systems (Nintendo GameCube, Nintendo 64, Game Boy Advance and Game Boy Color) nearly equaled the combined sales of all systems from all other manufacturers.

Nintendo will enjoy the best U.S. holiday season in its 17-year history.

The video game industry overall is hotter than ever, with total 2001 retail revenues now on track to exceed $8 billion for the first time ever (+19% vs. 2000)
GameCube's UK Launch: April or May 


"We are really excited about the launch of Nintendo GameCube in Europe in spring next year," announced a Nintendo of Europe press release last week. Further details emerged this morning indicating a European GameCube launch is scheduled for April or May of 2002. Some analysts project a European launch allocation between 300,000 and 350,000 units. Meanwhile, a number of European video game sites are already floating specific mid-April rumored launch dates. Nintendo of Europe will announce final launch details including launch date, system price, and allocation numbers in January. 

Matsushita's "Q" Launches in Japan


Matsushita's highly anticipated GameCube / DVD Player hybrid named "Q" launched today in Japan. The system carries a suggested retail price of  39,800 yen ($315) though electronics retailers will be allowed to set their own price.

The console is being manufactured in significantly smaller quantities than its purple relative. Matsushita plans to produce just 15,000 each month with a one year sales target of 100,000. We imagine that these numbers would change dramatically if/when a North American launch of the console materializes.

View image of the Panasonic "Q". More details as they develop...

James Bond 007 in Agent Under Fire


Electronic Arts and MGM Interactive announced today that "James Bond 007 in Agent Under Fire" will soon be released on the Nintendo GameCube in North America. The game, which wowed crowds at E3 and was recently released on PlayStation2 in November, will debut on GameCube in Spring of 2002. "Complete with high-tech weaponry, state-of-the-art gadgets, exotic sports cars, and beautiful women, this is the ultimate James Bond experience." 

Agent Under Fire features 12 mission-based levels - comprised of first-person action, covert stealth and fast driving - spread out over 10 exotic locations around the globe. The games will offer a multiplayer features set in 12 exclusive arenas and five unique gameplay modes, including artificial intelligence bots, that will support up to four players. While variety is name of the game, many reviewers of the PS2 version found first person shooter modes to be lackluster and dated.

Executive Producer of Agent Under Fire, Jon Horsley comments, "We are very excited to follow up the highly successful PlayStation 2 version of Agent Under Fire with games for the new consoles." It appears the PS2's key third party support advantage may soon begin to fall. Additional information on the title is available at EA's Official 007 Site.

Business Week on Video Games


Business Week offers the first intelligent - though brief - mainstream analysis of the video game console war we've seen in a long time. BW Online's Special Report, "This Three-Way Slugfest Is No Game," breaks down the industry's growth, recent launch successes, historic patterns, developer support, and market penetration of the video game market. One interesting forecast from a gaming analyst, "Nintendo's GameCube will hold 30% to 40% of the market by 2004. At the end of 2000, Nintendo's previous console, N64, had 42%. Microsoft in turn will nab 10% to 20%, with Sony continuing to hold 50% market share."

New Game Developments


On a light news day, we bring you these developments on new projects announced today that are under way for the Nintendo GameCube. Activision announced they have acquired the publishing rights to Hudson Soft's Bloody Roar: Primal Finally. The 3D fighter will feature sixteen playable characters, nine stages, and seven modes of play including two 2-player modes. 

In another announcement, Natsume told IGN Cube
this evening that the company is underway with development of Metabots for the GameCube. The game is based on the popular television cartoon series that records the adventures of young children and their Medabot robot pets that frequently engage in battle sequences [cough rip-off]. Natsume anticipates a late '02 to early '03 release. Expect more details on both of these titles and many other rumored GameCube games at May's E3 2002.

Nintendo's 'Grass-Roots' Marketing Efforts


In one of the most bizarre developments we've ever see from Nintendo, the company today announced a promotion with S&G Flowers to create and market a new flower breed to be titled, "The Pikmin Flower." The five-petal flower resembles little Pikmin characters. Executive VP at Nintendo of America, Peter Main, explained the move in an honest light...

GameCube's Year


As one amazing year for Nintendo winds down, takes a look back at the numbers. In 2001, gamers witnessed the launch of Game Boy Advance and GameCube as well as a number of spectacular titles from Nintendo. However, this analysis focuses on GameCube's North American results...

Nintendo Increases GameCube Forecasts


Nintendo today announced it will be able to increase worldwide shipments of GameCube by 500,000 for business year ending March 2002. The number equates to a full 13% increase over Nintendo's initial manufacturing forecasts and brings the new forecast to 4,500,000. Additional details in the full story...

740,000 GameCubes Sold in North America


The entire North American GameCube launch quantity has sold through to customers according to Nintendo's latest press release. Thankfully, 100,000 units have been streaming into the region each week since launch - though not quite meeting demand at most retailers. By the time you read this, the number will have surpassed three quarters of a million units. Nintendo will allocate 1.3 million systems to North America by year end.

Capcom Loves GameCube 


In a Resident Evil preview, Europe's EDGE Magazine includes a very interesting statement. According to the article, Capcom will begin to shift it's support away from PS2 and strongly towards GameCube in 2002. Cloudchaser Nintendo offers the following quote:

"Rumours abound of Capcom's imminent desertion of Playstation in favour of GameCube. If it's true, hopefully the result will be more titles of this calibre... But confusion still reigns over Capcom's decision to switch allegiance. Will Capcom's PS2 development wind down? And will Nintendo demand exclusivity from Capcom to its platform? Although the sequel to DMC and Onimusha are still going ahead on Sony's hardware, it seems likely that the movement across to GameCube will become more pronounced in 2002. Also, Shinji Mikami who is fast becoming the public face of Capcom does not believe that the PS2's dominance in the short term will last, underlining the fact that most of his previous projects - including DMC and Resident Evil: Code Veronica were opposed by his bosses."

Download GameCube's Latest Commercials 


In case you've missed the television airings, Nintendo has made their latest GameCube commercials available for download. The cool new commercials for Pikmin (download) and Super Smash Bros. Melee (download) are quite entertaining. 

GameCube's UK Launch: Spring 


"We are really excited about the launch of Nintendo GameCube in Europe in spring next year." - Nintendo of Europe press release. UK gamers can now mark their calendars - well kind of. "Spring" indicates mid-March through mid-June so there's quite some room for the company release but our money is on late March or early April.

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