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GB Advance


January, 2002


Game Boy Advance: Pokemon


Nintendo Co. today offered an early look into the next installment of Pokemon at a press conference in Japan. Though details were significantly limited, we know the Game Boy Advance title will feature over 350 characters and take place in an underwater environment. The game will be released in Japan on July 13, 2002 to coincide with the release of a new Pokemon movie. The main Pokemon characters are Latius (red) and Latios (blue). Click the image to the right to view a full-sized image of Latius and Latios courtesy of GameCubicle contributor Adrian Ebriham.

Applied & Marubeni Distribute GameCube Dev Kits


Applied Microsystems today announced a new agreement with Marubeni Solution Corp to distribute Applied's optical disk solution, a key highlight of Nintendo GameCube development kits. Applied Microsystems develops optical disk-based development kits for the game console market as well as embedded software test, debug and verification tools. Marumeni Solution is a leading distributor in Japan of Nintendo GameCube development kits.

Commenting on the new agreement, Makoto Sekoguchi of the IT Solution Division at Marubeni Solution said, "When the average game title costs $5 million to develop, finding high performance yet cost effective tools is a very important priority for the game developer. Based on the experience Nintendo's customers in America are having with Applied's products, we are confident and pleased to extend this solution to our game developers in Japan."

With Applied's solutions, it's no longer necessary to burn discs for every minor change that is made... saving developers crucial time, resources, and money. Applied's emulation technology allows game developers can control the quality of their code and data through emulation of their optical disk environment. Using this optical disk emulation technology, developers can compile code while they emulate - thereby significantly shortening the time game title development typically takes today.

Applied Microsystems detailed some of the extended features included in their sytem. "This next generation optical disc emulation technology emulates the physical characteristics of the optical disk drive by adjusting the transfer rate of data coming from the hard drive. Armed with this tool, developers can observe spin up/down, head seek and rotational time, disc cache operation, and the data transfer rate based on the physical location of data on the drive. Applied's optical disk emulation technology allows the developer to inject errors to simulate scratches or bad discs so typical variations caused by these real-life factors can be accurately managed at the development stage."

Applied's Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Mark Budzinski said, "We are grateful to Nintendo of Japan for introducing us to Marubeni Solution, their leading distributor in Japan. Applied is looking forward to serving Nintendo's game developers in Japan through this important relationship with Marubeni and committing to them the most cost effective high performance optical disk game development kit available today."

Interview with Nintendo's Iwata


Satoru Iwata, Director and General Manager of the Corporate Planning Division of Nintendo Co. Ltd, recently discussed GameCube with Japanese gaming publication Famitsu. Iwata is responsible for Nintendo's global corporate planning. Prior to joining...

GameCube European Launch Details


"May 3 2002 - It's Official" - Nintendo of Europe proudly announced the official European launch date for the Nintendo GameCube. Nintendo will ship 500,000 units in to Europe for day one and a total of 1,000,000 units for the launch period. GameCube will come...

Nintendo Considers Chinese Production


Nintendo commented today that it is contemplating production of its GameCube console in China this summer. It would join a growing camp of Japanese companies seeking cheaper labor and operations costs. Nintendo said the costs of production and distribution per unit are currently higher than the machine's sales price, and the firm aims to bring the business into the black quickly. "We are discussing making GameCubes in China," said Nintendo spokesman Hiroshi Imanishi. Still, Imanishi said the firm could generate profits if it reached its target of selling four million GameCubes and 10 million game software titles by the end of March. GameCubicle first reported that Nintendo was leaning in this direction on January 14th.

GameCube's Australian Launch: May 17, 2002


Nintendo will launch GameCube in Australia on May 17th - just two weeks after the console's European release. A modest 50,000 units will be made available at launch. GameCube will come to market at 399 Australian dollars. Thanks to Nintendo Cloudchaser for the news.

Game Boy Advance Price Drop


Nintendo today announced a global price drop for Game Boy Advance effective February 1, 2002. In the United States, the new suggested retail price is $79.95, representing a 20% decrease. This simultaneous global price drop is the result of production efficiencies and decreased component costs.

The U.S. video game industry generated a record-breaking $9.4 billion in 2001, and Game Boy Advance was responsible for more than 20 percent of total hardware units sold. Since its release in June 2001, Game Boy Advance has sold nearly 5 million hardware units in North America. To stay ahead of the game, Nintendo remains on track to ship 23.5 million Game Boy Advance and Game Boy Color units to retail outlets worldwide during its current fiscal year, ending March 2002.

"The new price point truly positions Game Boy Advance as a video game system for the mass market," says Peter Main, Executive VP of Sales and Marketing at Nintendo of America. "Coupled with an explosive amount of incredible software scheduled for the year, Game Boy Advance is positioned to become the best-selling video game hardware system of all time."

Resident Evil: 2 Discs


Japanese site GC-Inside is reporting that Capcom's first installment of Resident Evil on GameCube will fill two game discs. GameCube's mini-DVD format offers 1.5 GB of data storage. Multiple discs are necessary primarily because of the game's implementation of full-motion video and high-quality audio.

European Launch Revealed


GameCube will launch in Europe on May 3, 2002. The console will carry a price tag of Ä249 or approximately $215/£150. This gives GameCube a MSRP roughly half that of the Microsoft's Xbox and 20% less than the PlayStation 2. 500,000 units will be available on launch day. These details come from what seems to have been an accidental video leak on of a presentation by Nintendo of Europe's David Gosen. NOE will officially release launch details on January 28th.

Nintendo anticipates twenty titles to be available at launch including Batman Vengeance, Burnout, Crazy Taxi, FIFA 2002, Luigi's Mansion, Sonic Adventure 2, Star Wars: Rogue Leader, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3, and Wave Race: Blue Storm. Shortly after, SSB Melee and Resident Evil will arrive on May 24 with Pikmin coming on June 14. 

On the issue of demographics, Gosen comments, "GameCube will not be targeting kids, will not be targeting teens and will not be targeting adults. GameCube will appeal to anyone who enjoys being entertained by interactive gaming. We believe gaming is an attitude - not an age. With family-friendly, sports, racing, adventure, extreme sports, and action games available from day one, GameCube is dedicated to good gameplay... all players, all ages, all genres."

European Launch Details Coming


Nintendo of Europe sent out a press release today indicating that official European launch details (including a date) will be revealed on January 28th. The official European GameCube site,, will rebroadcast the event in multiple languages. The site will go live on January 25th. 

GameCube: Medal of Honor?


Executive Producer of the Medal of Honor series at Electronic Arts, Rick Goilito, hinted at a GameCube version in a recent interview with Goilito continued to discuss demographics and confirm a Game Boy Advance MoH game is in development.

What about the future of the Medal of Honor series?

Giolito: The Medal of Honor series, I can tell you, has a very strong future across new platforms. Presently we are planning an Xbox version of Allied Assault, and we are thinking about a GameCube version, but we need to see where the demographic for the hardware lies.

What does Nintendo head office think of that?

Giolito: Nintendo would love to see Medal of Honor on their system, or I believe they would because itís so popular. Its appeal might help them draw an older fan base to GameCube, but its important to do different things per platform, not just great ports of older versions.

All-Star Baseball... 2003 Already?


Stepping into the batter's box before the first official pitch of the 2002 Major League Baseball season, Acclaim Sports announced that it will ship All-Star Baseball 2003 at the end of February for all of the next-generation gaming platforms. Featuring four-time World Series Champion Derek Jeter, ASB 2003 will offer many exciting new modes of play and options that deliver "unparalleled hardball realism." Developed by Acclaim Studios Austin under license from Major League Baseball, All-Star Baseball 2003 will be available nationwide on March 7, 2002.

"All-Star Baseball 2003 will raise the bar on what was considered to be the best baseball game ever brought to a next-generation system," said Evan Stein, Vice President of Brand. "With new features, leading-edge technology and our ongoing successful relationship with Derek Jeter, All-Star Baseball 2003 will be in a league of its own when it ships." Its release will be supported with an integrated marketing campaign that will feature Jeter in national television, print and online advertising.

THQ's Toxic Grind to GameCube


THQ today unveiled Toxic Grind, a story-driven, mission-based BMX game for both GameCube and Xbox. "Toxic Grind is a unique take on extreme sports thanks to the game's compelling storyline that immerses players into a sinister and futuristic world where players must complete various challenges in order to survive," stated Michael Rubinelli, vice president of product development at THQ. "In addition to performing outrageous BMX tricks, players must find keys to deactivate bombs, sink battleships and even destroy a helicopter to progress through various stages of each world."

Developed by Blue Shift, Toxic Grind features 14 diverse worlds, each with different themes set to locations of the past, present and future. Areas include a futuristic New York City, the ancient Roman Coliseum and the mysterious Bourbon Street of New Orleans. A dynamic playfield enables gamers to contend with ramps, moving platforms and grind rails that change shape or rotate to expose hidden areas. The game's storyline unfolds through comic book-style cinematics that maintain the feel of the twisted world that "Toxic Grind" exists in. Two-player competition will allow riders to compete head-to-head through seven levels of action and adventure.

Toxic Grind Electric
NYKO's "PlayCube" Controller Converter


Upgrading to a new gaming system is always fun, but getting comfortable with a new controller isn't. NYKO Technologies, a leading manufacturer of video game accessories, claims to have a solution. The Play Cube is a one-of-a-kind controller converter that allows gamers to use their favorite analog controller for PlayStation and PlayStation 2 with the new GameCube.

The Play Cube's unobtrusive design makes it simple to use and easy to store. Priced at $9.99, it may be one solution for gamers who need extra controllers but don't have the cash. The converter does allow for vibration feedback...

Additional GameCube Developers


As the long-term third party prospects for GameCube grow ever more impressive, so does the list of developers supporting the system. The latest issue of Nintendo Power reports on fifteen new companies that are working on GameCube-related projects.

Atod AB
N.A.P.S Team SNC

Netdol Entertainment

Coyote Developments
Outrage Entertainment

Eden Studios
Runecraft LTD

Full Fat Productions
Snowblind Studios

M4 Ltd
Studio 3 Interactive

Monster Games
Wahoo Studios

Popular Science on GameCube


Considered, the "What's New" magazine of science and technology, Popular Science covers the latest in aviation, cars, communications, electronics, science, space exploration, tools, and more. In the February issue of Popular Science, editor Steve Belanger evaluated the next generation consoles and contributed his ratings for each...

New Resident Evil Video


Capcom Japan just released an amazing video of Resident Evil in action. This remake of the original Resident Evil will be released in March in Japan and looks more beautiful than ever in the latest release. The video depicts a vicious dog attack and is definitely not suitable to be viewed by younger visitors.

Home Run King Details


Sega today announced that Home Run King is coming to the Nintendo
GameCube in March. This fully licensed, pick-up-and-play arcade baseball title will be exclusive to the system. With the built in Create-A-Player option you can customize a player to look just like yourself or use Create-A-Team to assemble a team made up of your favorite players of all time. Modes of play include Exhibition, Season, Playoffs and Home Run Derby. Sega also introduces one of new cover man Jeff Bagwell. One of last season's leading run scorers, the first baseman of the Houston Astros will grace the cover of Home Run King.

Batter Up Home Run Manager Dive
Yamauchi Considers Retirement


Nintendo Co. Ltd.'s fifty-three year president, Hiroshi Yamauchi, recently commented on his upcoming retirement to Japan's Mainichi Interactive. Yamauchi states, "Iíve been thinking about it for more than two years now, but I think I want to retire before this summer. Nintendo isnít going to work under one person anymore, though; it will be run under a group-leadership system."

Smashing through 1 Million


Nintendo announced today that they have shipped one million units of Super Smash Bros. DX (Melee) in Japan. Sell through numbers currently total approximately 800,000 and continue to rise rapidly. SSB has achieved a 2:3 game to console ratio in Japan.

International Superstar Soccer 2


International Superstar Soccer 2 has been confirmed by Konami for a Q2 2002 release on the GameCube. ISS 2 is the latest offering from Konami CE Osaka, creators of Konami's successful International Superstar Soccer series. Its arcade style gameplay is based on realistic and intuitive football action and the open gameplay ensuring that no two goals or build-up play will be the same. With more than 50 international teams and a wealth of game modes, ISS 2 is the soccer title GameCube owners have been waiting for. "ISS was the first football game from Konami of Europe to be recognized by gamers for its superb playability," commented Wolfgang Ebert, European PR Manager from KOE. "ISS 2 is a great compliment to the ultra realistic Pro Evolution Soccer series. Its arcade style action is a must for serious football gamers and their pick-up-and-play counterparts alike."

Turok Evolution Details


In development for two years at Acclaim Studios Austin (formerly Iguana), Turok Evolution was finally revealed to the public this week. The developers promise the game to be the best in the series. The story of Turok Evolution takes place in 1886 Texas as the title is a prequel to the first N64 Turok. Gameplay elements range from carefully navigating dinosaur-infested woods to flying on the back of a Pteranodon. For the full details, a game screen gallery, audio samples, feature breakdown, and videos, visit Acclaim's comprehensive Turok Evolution web site.

1,000,000 GameCubes / Month


Japanese site GC-Inside is reporting that Nintendo intends to increase the manufacture of GameCube consoles to 1,000,000 systems per month this April. The company currently is producing the console at a rate of 600,000 per month. It's reported that a new manufacturing facility will be opened in China to produce the added units.

Beautiful Metroid Prime Screens


Take a look at the latest screens from the visually stunning Metroid Prime. The first-person adventure from Nintendo second party Retro Studios is the first in the series to assume a three-dimensional form. Just a few things to take note of while viewing the screens... You'll see a switch to third person perspective when Samus is in Morph Ball form. Also notice the use of different visors between standard exploration and combat modes...

Hudson's Bomberman on GameCube


Japanese site GC-Inside offers up the first details on Hudson's new Bomberman adventure. The title is scheduled to be released in 2002 (at least in Japan) and sports a very stylish cel-shaded design. Click to view screen shots (1, 2, 3, 4).

Nintendo of America's Greatest Minds


In a rare conference with the media, Nintendo's greatest minds recently discussed Nintendo's latest endeavors. Nintendo of America executives Peter Main, Peter MacDougal, and George Harrison offered  a comprehensive review of GameCube's introduction and an in-depth look to the future. The discussion included a review of last year's sales, projections and analysis of future operations, Arakawa's retirement, and user base demographics...

Nintendo's Minoru Arakawa Retires


Minoru Arakawa, President of Nintendo of America for the past 22 years, today announced his retirement effective immediately. After many months of consideration, Arakawa felt the timing was appropriate to turn the office over to new leadership...

European Launch Details TBA


GameCube had to be released in Europe eventually. Next month, Nintendo will finally reveal European GameCube launch details at Milia - one of the largest interactive content conventions in the region.  Nintendo will preview the GameCube alongside twenty of the system's premier games on 250 square meters of floor space. During the event, Nintendo's European Managing Director of Sales and Marketing along with the Managing Director of Nintendo France will host an exclusive press conference...

Consumer Reports on GameCube


A leader in unbiased product and services advice, Consumer Reports is the source of product reviews for over four million subscribers. In the February issue of Consumer Reports, the magazine too a brief look at next generation consoles including the GameCube. The three-quarter page buyer's guide is far from any in-depth analysis Consumer's readers are used to. In many respects, this is a good thing. If Consumer Reports is to feature a comprehensive system review, it would be much more fair to reserve evaluation until the two new consoles have been on the market for at least...

Star Fox Adventures & Eternal Darkness Delayed


IGNcube confirmed the inevitable today when the site contacted Nintendo and received word that both Star Fox Adventures and Eternal Darkness will not be released before April of 2002. This makes both titles prime for the Q2 2002 GameCube release list. Like Fran and Matt said, it's probably for the best as both games will be better for it.

Race of Champions


Activision announced today that it will bring Race of Champions to the GameCube this fall. Based on the prestigious Michelin Race of Champions, which is held annually in the Canary Islands, the game lets players experience the raw fun and exhilaration of the sport as they lock wits and fenders with some of the top drivers from the world of racing. "Race of Champions breathtaking graphics and frenetic action will find a perfect home under the hood of Nintendo GameCube," said Julian Lynn Evans, vice president European Studios, Activision. "With the addition of our sku for Nintendo GameCube, Activision is poised to deliver a racing blitz across all three next generation platforms when the game ships later this year."

Developed by Climax, Race of Champions challenges players to master authentic road, desert and mountain tracks on their quest for the cup. Featuring incredibly detailed visuals as well as real-time damage modeling and dirt effects, players can select their dream machine from the top makes and models in the sport including Mitsubishi, Toyota, Ford, Lancia, Peugeot, Audi, Porsche, Citroen and Seat as they race against industry legends like Franceís Didier Auriol, Germanyís Armin Schwartz and Finlandís Tomi Makkinen , all of which have been participants in the annual event.

AP Reports Faulty Game Consoles


Associated Press is reporting that approximately 1% of Xbox units sold during the holidays were faulty. The number, which is in line with the industry standard and Nintendo's own figures, does not not indicate production troubles. However, Microsoft's poor response to customers could snowball into a public relations mess. While buyers of faulty GameCubes reported quality customer service and replacement consoles in days, many Xbox buyers complained that they were forced to endure shoddy customer service and wait weeks for replacements. 

"The Associated Press spoke with about a dozen Xbox users who complained of a game system that never worked or worked for a few hours or days before freezing up. Most called the customer service response poor. Analyst Rob Enderle of Giga Information Systems warned that a company's response to those customers who do have problems often is more important than how many units actually break." Microsoft certainly has the resources to improve service to customers and likely will after this negative press.

International Winter Sports 2002 Details


Details of Konami's upcoming Olympics title were revealed today along with a couple of screen shots. "Ten different events put you right in the heart of the winter games vying for the top spot on the podium. Rip the half-pipe with big spins, or bump your way to victory on the freestyle mogul course. Take home the gold in the downhill and slalom events, or reach for victory in the ski jump competition. Dominate the ice with Triple Axles and Lutzes in the Figure Skating events. Challenge the clock in Speed Skating or test your stamina in the Biathlon. As an athlete, you'll represent one of eight countries. Whether you're on the curling rink, or rocketing down frozen chutes in the Bobsleigh and Luge events, the competition is world class. Mix it up by participating in Trial, Men's Championship, Women's Championship, or Head-to-Head Competition mode. And do it all in exacting detail, with specialized weather effects all the way down to grimacing facial expressions." Take a peak at these shots from the game ( 1, 2, 3, 4 ).

Camelot Game on GameCube in 2002


In an interview with Dengeki GBA, Hiroyuki Takahashi, the president of Camelot was asked if his company had any GameCube projects in the works. He responded, "We hope to have something ready by the end of 2002." Camelot vice-president Shugo Takahashi then chimed in "We're working hard on it! [laughs..]" We have our fingers crossed for something great from the guys who brought Mario Golf and Mario Tennis to the N64.

Sonic Adventure 2: Battle Video


Sega's Sonic Team has published an in-game film depicting Sonic Adventure 2 on the GameCube. The large video includes a look at the standard adventure, multiplayer, and GBA-link modes of play. It's a must download ( high, low ) for all Sonic lovers. A second video depicting additional game action is also available ( high, low ) from Sonic Team's Japanese site.

Armada 2: Exodus to GameCube


Developer Metro 3D will bring their hit series Armada to the GameCube late this summer according to N-Sider. Driven from Earth by a hostile force known only as The Armada, the six remaining tribes of Earth search for a new home as they're pursued relentlessly throughout the galaxy. Armada 2: Exodus is said to include Internet-enabled cooperative shooter gameplay and will appear on all three next generation consoles.

Pokemon Game in Development


Japanese gaming site GC-Inside reports that a new Pokemon game for the GameCube will be unveiled this month by Nintendo. It's unknown whether the game will be based on the "Meowth's Party" technology demo seen at Space World 2000. Whatever the genre Nintendo has selected for Pokemon's entrance to the new platform, it surely will be a system selling hit. We'll have more information as it develops.

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