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GB Advance


July, 2002


Super Mario Sunshine Commercial


With under a month left until the launch of Super Mario Sunshine, Nintendo has begun airing television commercials for the game in North America. The commercial begins with Mario cleaning up garbage in a park. It then cuts to a scene kids skipping over a hill... 

GameCube Release Dates Update


They'll be coming fast and furious as GameCube's game library explodes later this year. GameCubicle has the list you've been waiting for... a day-by-day breakdown of North American release dates. Nintendo's not the only company with a lot in store for Q4.  

Star Fox Adventures Art


View some beautiful renders of the characters from Star Fox Adventures. The latest in game art includes Fox McCloud, Krystal, Peppy, Fox on a Pterodactyl, the game's logo, and more. Rare has done an incredible job creating the world of Star Fox Adventures...

F-ZERO Screens


Nintendo has finally released high-resolution screens from F-ZERO for Nintendo GameCube. F-Zero AC (Arcade) and F-Zero GC (GameCube) will be jointly developed by Sega's Amusement Vision and Nintendo's EAD. While Amusement Vision...

Platinum GameCube


Last year, Nintendo introduced the Nintendo GameCube in Indigo and Jet Black. Nearly one year later, Nintendo will finally unveil a new color for the GameCube. On November 3rd, a limited edition Platinum GameCube will hit store shelves across North America...

Sunshine GameCube Bundle


Effective October 14th, eager players will be able to purchase an Indigo GameCube with the game they've been thirsting for, Super Mario Sunshine, as well as a Memory Card 59 to save their game progress, in one aggressively priced hardware/software bundle...

Famitsu Reviews Mario Sunshine


Japanese gaming publication Famitsu has reviewed Super Mario Sunshine. Four judges offered their ratings on a scale of 10 with three giving the game a 9 and one a perfect 10 for a total score of 37/40 or 92.5%. This rating earns Super Mario Sunshine the highest in Japanese gaming honors, a Platinum award from Famitsu.

New Mario Sunshine Levels


Just yesterday we brought you some great captures from Super Mario Sunshine and today we have even more with screens from never before seen levels. There are a few minor gameplay spoilers in here but nothing too bad. Enjoy...

Blood Omen 2 to GameCube


Eidos Interactive, a leading developer and publisher of interactive entertainment, today announced that Blood Omen 2 is scheduled for release on the Nintendo GameCube this Fall. Currently in development by Crystal Dynamics, creators of the Soul Reaver franchise, the game’s release marks the first time a video game from the Legacy of Kain series will be available on a Nintendo platform. Blood Omen 2 is a story-driven, combat action game that centers on the fallen vampire Kain and his quest to reclaim rule over the ancient city of Nosgoth. "We are excited to bring video gaming’s most infamous villain – Kain - to the GameCube in Crystal Dynamics’ Blood Omen 2," says Sean Amann, Marketing Director for Eidos Interactive. "With an emphasis on storyline, puzzle-solving and deadly combat, Blood Omen 2 for GameCube promises to be one of the few dark thrillers available for the system to date."

Mario Sunshine Sells 400,000


Analysts in Japan expect Super Mario Sunshine to become GameCube's second million selling title as 400,000 copies of the game were sold in just the first four days of release according to Media Create. Sunshine released in Japan on July 19th. We'll have additional details and updated numbers as they break. 

NOA Executive Promotions


Nintendo of America today announced three senior–level executive promotions. NOA President, Tatsumi Kimishima commented, "Together these executives represent 45 years of service and excellence with Nintendo, underscoring the depth of our...

Mario Sunshine Screens


We have some entirely new screen captures from Super Mario Sunshine this week. Included in the updated image gallery are a number of shots showing off the many functions of Mario's water backpack...

Mario Sunshine Launch Images


Japanese gaming site has photographed the launch of Super Mario Sunshine at a number of cities throughout Japan. At one Japanese retailer, over sixty people lined up before opening to be among the first to get their hands on Sunshine...

Mario Sunshine Packaging (Japan)


With Super Mario Sunshine's Japanese release just hours away, we now have direct scans of the game's final packaging for your viewing pleasure. Imaged below is Super Mario Sunshine's box, manual, and game disc. GameCubicle will have extensive coverage...

Famitsu Cube & Advance Reviews Mario Sunshine


Famitsu Cube & Advance, a subsidiary publication of Famitsu, has reviewed Super Mario Sunshine. Four judges offered their ratings on a scale of 10 with two giving the game a perfect score and two rating it an 8 for a total score of 36/40 or 90%. Two reviewers cited the game's difficulty in later levels as Sunshine's primary flaw. Famitsu's review of Super Mario Sunshine is expected within the next few days.

Nintendo Shifts Release Dates


Usually when Nintendo modifies release dates it's not good news. However, we have a clear exception to the rule today with two major GameCube games now scheduled to arrive a week earlier than previously announced. Star Fox Adventures will now see a September 23rd release and Mario Party 4 is now scheduled for October 23rd. 

GameCubicle Boards


A few weeks ago, began beta testing GameCubicle Boards, a new Internet forum for discussion of Nintendo GameCube. GameCubicle Boards is now final and ready for the masses. We hope to build a very strong community on GameCubicle...

Sonic Mega Collection


Sega finally released a list of Sonic games that will be featured in Sonic Mega Collection for Nintendo GameCube later this year. The list includes Sonic The Hedgehog, Sonic The Hedgehog 2, Sonic The Hedgehog 3, Sonic & Knuckles, Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine, Sonic 3D Blast, and Sonic Spinball. Unfortunately Sonic CD was not mentioned. 

Nintendo Games at Retail Kiosks in Japan


Japanese news publication Nikkei Net is reporting that on July 19th, 120 Toys 'R' Us stores in Japan will offer kiosks with playable demo versions of Mario Party 4, Metroid Prime, Star Fox Adventures, and the Legend of Zelda.

Sunshine's Japanese Game Disc


The first images of Super Mario Sunshine's Japanese disc have begun circulating the Internet. Last week we reported Sunshine's Japanese box art. Super Mario Sunshine will launch in Japan on July 19th for ¥6,800.

Nintendo Partners with SHiNE


He's cleaned up in battles, defeated enemies and stolen the hearts of millions of fans - not to mention Princess Peach - and now everyone's favorite plumber, Mario, is cleaning up a sun-soaked island in his new game, Super Mario Sunshine, for the Nintendo GameCube. Super Mario Sunshine won't be in stores until late August, but you don't have to wait until then to get in on the fun. SHiNE has teamed up with Nintendo for the Nintendo and Mario Make My Community SHiNE contest. SHiNE is accepting mural designs for a chance to have your mural design painted in your community and win one of five ultimate Nintendo Grand Prize packs, featuring a GameCube system, the Super Mario Sunshine game and other cool Nintendo game gear.

Mario Sunshine Game Art


View some spectacular renders of Mario, Yoshi, Princess Peach, and island locals from Super Mario Sunshine. GameCubicle's latest Mario Sunshine gallery offers the latest art and renders from the game. Be sure to also view the game's screen capture gallery.

Panasonic Q to ¥34,800


Matsushita has finally cut the suggested retail price of the GameCube / DVD Player hybrid named Q in Japan. Effective July 1st, the system's MSRP is ¥34,800 ($289) - down from ¥39,800 ($330). On June 3rd, Nintendo cut the retail price of GameCube in Japan by ¥5,200 ($41) to ¥19,800 ($157). Importers may have a new reason to order their own stylish new DVD player.

Nintendo Street Team Selected


The Ultimate Summer Job was given to 50 Nintendo Street Team hopefuls across the country today. Nintendo Street Team members' first day on the job will be running the gauntlet at Nintendo's 48-hour Boot Camp, scheduled for July 8 and 9 in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, and Seattle. Then, beginning July 13, the Nintendo Street Teams will hit local hot spots, concerts and events in their hometowns, promoting and demonstrating Nintendo products to their peers. To see the final 50, visit the Nintendo Street Team site. "These Nintendo Street Team members will be ambassadors of Nintendo, reaching new people, one-on-one, and getting them excited about Nintendo's newest games," says Peter MacDougall, executive vice president, sales and marketing, Nintendo of America Inc. "We are excited we found the right people and can't wait to train them for their ultimate summer job."

Sonic Team's GameCube Plans


According to a Sega, a number of new Sonic games are in the works for Nintendo GameCube and Game Boy Advance. A compilation of classic Sonic games, Sonic Mega Collection will come to GameCube later this year in Japan. Sonic Advance 2 will release on Game Boy Advance in the same time frame. Dreamcast launch title, Sonic Adventure will also see a GameCube release although a final release date is unknown. While details are sketchy at this time, Sonic Team is expected to fully unveil the Sonic games at the World Hobby Fair in Japan on July 13. "Building upon the excellent worldwide sales and incredible success of 'Sonic Adventure 2 Battle' and 'Sonic Advance,' SEGA is determined to develop and release new titles in the Sonic The Hedgehog series that will appeal to the growing audience of gamers worldwide," said Tetsu Kayama, Chief Operating Officer, SEGA Corporation. Sonic Adventure 2 on GameCube and Sonic Advance for the GBA have each shipped over one million copies worldwide.

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