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GB Advance


July, 2001


Salomon Cuts Nintendo Rating


"Nintendo Co Ltd down 940 yen or 4.07 percent at 22,150 after Nikko Salomon Smith Barney said it lowered its ratings on the game maker to 2M ("underperform", medium risk) from 4M ("outperform", medium risk)." Salomon stated that sales prospects for the Game Boy Advance were questionable. - Reuters

New Rogue Leader Images!


Some incredible new screenshots from Rogue Leader have been uncovered thanks to IGN Cube. The images (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) are the sharpest ever from the game and truly demonstrate the power of Nintendo's GameCube console. IGN went hands on with these levels of the title available here.

GameCube Console Numbers

Some fantastic news to report this evening from Nekkei Net of Japan. Actual GameCube production numbers have finally been revealed. Nintendo's GameCube console will launch in Japan with 500,000 units. It was also revealed that 1,100,000 will be available in North America... GameCubicle was first to the Net in North America with this.

- GameCubicle was first to the Net in North America with this story.

Spaceworld 2001: Game List


Nintendo has released an incomplete list of GameCube titles that will appear at Spaceworld: Animal Forest Plus, Bomberman Generation, Doubutsu Bancho, Eternal Darkness, FIFA 2002, Luigi's Mansion, Pikmin, SSX Tricky, Star Fox Adventures, SSB Melee, PSO 2, Super Monkey Ball, Rune, Virtua Striker 3, Wave Race: Blue Storm.

1,000,000 Game Boy Advances


One million Game Boy Advance units have been sold in the six weeks since its release in North America (NDP). That comes to about 1,000 units sold per hour, every hour since release. Sales data further revealed that of the top twenty best selling games in June, seven were Game Boy Advance titles.

Electronic Arts Reports Numbers


In Bloomberg's report on EA's numbers, Chief Executive Larry Probst is quoted as stating "Coming out of E3, we were more excited about GameCube." It was revealed that EA increased the number of titles in development for a 2001 launch on GameCube to three from one. Madden 2002 is a launch title with SSX Tricky and Fifa 2002 the likely others.

Activision Reports GameCube Development


10 GameCube titles are in development at Activision for 2002 (none for this year). Though no names were given, Matt Hoffman Pro BMX, Kelly Slater Pro Surfer, Xmen, Spiderman, and Stuart Little are likely candidates. Tony Hawk 3 would easily be Activision's best seller so it's hard to imagine the game not being one of the magic ten.

Positive Comments from EA


According to NextGen magazine, EA's Madden 2002 for GameCube will see significant improvements over the game's PS2 counterpart. "The Nintendo GameCube can push more polygons around with higher-resolution textures than PS2," stated Jeremy Mauser, EA's senior producer for Madden 2002. "We were able to make blockers react more intelligently in pass blocking, run blocking, and open field blocking situations."

Matsushita Reveals "Fusion" GameCube Pricing


Matsushita (Panasonic) today revealed that the "Fusion" GameCube that allows for both the play of standard games and DVDs will retail in Japan for 40,000 yen or about $325. The machine will launch in Japan in November of 2001. A lower US price point is expected with the North American release not coming until March 2002 to 2003.

Retro Studios Cuts Raven Blade & Employees


Troubled Texas-based Retro Studios has officially ended all work on Raven Blade - a major GameCube RPG title. 26 Employees were let go as a result with remaining Raven creators being shifted to the Metroid project. Apparently Raven Blade would have consume too much of Retro's resources. The firm will now focus its entire efforts on Metroid.

NOA's Peter Main Retiring

Nintendo of America's long time Executive VP of Sales & Marketing will soon be retiring. Peter Main was one of the kindest, most honest, and available Nintendo executives ever. It's a great disappointment to see one of Nintendo's finest leaving after 15 years at NOA.

GameCube Hardware Prices


Nintendo's Japanese site has revealed the pricing of a few GameCube's accessories. Converted to US dollars, this is about what you can expect: Nintendo  GameCube Controller: $19.95; Memory Card: $11.19; Component Video Cables: $29.95; S-Video ($20) and Stereo ($12) cables can be swapped from the N64!

GameCubicle Launches Newsletter


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