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GB Advance


June, 2002


Mario Sunshine Commercial


With under a month to go until the launch of Super Mario Sunshine, Nintendo has begun airing television commercials for the game in Japan. The commercial begins with Mario using his water backpack to launch into the air and proceeds to show extensive in game...

Eternal Darkness Reviews


Eternal Darkness reviews have begun pouring in from across the Internet. IGN Cube gave the game an incredible 9.6; GameSpot has awarded ED a 9.4; has given the game a 9.0. The game has certainly more than lived up to all expectations.

New Super Mario Sunshine Screens!


GameCubicle has even more Super Mario Sunshine screens in the game's gallery. Mario continues to explore the tropical environment and for the first time ever, Mario's look-alike enemy is shown as well as a graffiti "M" that has been painted on the island. 

SpaceWorld 2002 Canceled


As first reported last month, Nintendo has canceled SpaceWorld 2002. Instead, Nintendo will likely have a presence at other Japanese game shows and may hold several smaller events at various locations in Japan. While speaking with a Nintendo representative at E3, it was explained that because Nintendo feels the Electronics Entertainment Expo is becoming a global event, SpaceWorld no longer remains a necessity to the company. SpaceWorld is Nintendo's annual trade show held in Tokyo, Japan. The cancellation of SpaceWorld is not without precedence. In 1998, Nintendo cancelled SpaceWorld alongside their boycott of the Tokyo Game Show.

Japan Sales Report


Nintendo sold through 8,500 GameCubes in Japan this week, a significant decline from the 18,700 sold last week when Nintendo lowered GameCube's MSRP by 20%. A lack on any significant new releases on GameCube likely impacted sales. Animal Forest...

Sunshine's Japanese Box Art


The first images of Super Mario Sunshine's Japanese box art have begun circulating the Internet. While not as exciting as many would have liked, it does have a sharp look to it. Super Mario Sunshine will release in Japan on July 19th. Click over to GameCubicle's E3 Expo Image Gallery for an early concept of game's North American box art design...

E3 Expo Award Winners


The Game Critics Awards are the only independent E3 awards, voted on by editors from nearly 40 leading outlets that cover games, including the top magazines, online sites, newspapers, and television programs. Today revealed the winners...

Sonic Team's Coming Announcement


Sonic Team will announce the first details of Sonic's next adventure at the World Hobby Fair in Japan on July 13. CAVG is reporting that the announcement will more than likely pertain to Sonic Adventure 3, rumored to be in development for GameCube and Xbox.

Japan Sales Report


Nintendo sold through 18,700 GameCubes in Japan this week, an impressive increase over the 5,400 sold just a week before. Meanwhile, GameCube's lower price point made a noticeable impact on sales of PS2, which fell from 60,000 to 49,800, and XBOX... 

WaveBird Marketing Campaign


Nintendo intends to increase ad spending by 25% this fiscal year as it sees through the release of numerous major franchise titles for Nintendo GameCube and Game Boy Advance., the online arm of Advertising Age magazine, recently took... 

Link in Soul Calibur 2


GameCube was first unveiled on August 24, 2000 at Nintendo's Space World show in Japan. On this day the world got its first glimpse of GameCube's power via a technical demo featuring Nintendo's greatest characters. Included in the demo was a battle...

Bloomberg on Iwata


Satoru Iwata became president of Nintendo last week when Hiroshi Yamauchi resigned from the position after fifty-two years with the firm. Bloomberg recently took an in-depth look at Nintendo's new leadership and the impact Yamauchi's resignation...

Nintendo Analysts Conference


Satoru Iwata became president of Nintendo last week when Hiroshi Yamauchi resigned from the position after fifty-two years with the firm. Iwata served as Director and General Manager of the Corporate Planning Division of Nintendo for two years. Prior to... 

Nintendo Game Giants Advertising


At this year's Electronics Entertainment Expo, Nintendo unveiled the first playable versions of their Game Giants video games, the first game case designs for these games, and the first known advertisements as well. GameCubicle has scanned the first...

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