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GB Advance


May, 2002


Reuters on Nintendo's E3 Success


"Nintendo's familiar cast of characters - Mario, Samus, Link and others - has taken top awards from the gaming press after showing off the titles it hopes will give it an edge in the hyper-competitive video game market this holiday season." Reuters took note of Nintendo's impressive showing in a recent article titled, Game Press Gives Nintendo Raves for Coming Titles. Among high mentions in the press, gave Nintendo's lineup their best of show award, listed The Legend of Zelda as their number one title, and gave Metroid Prime top awards.

Eternal Darkness Wallpaper


With the launch of Eternal Darkness on GameCube nearing, Silicon Knights has made available a number of game themed desktop wallpapers. To select a wallpaper for your desktop, click the appropriate link below, then right click on the resulting image, and select "set as background" or "set as wallpaper" from the menu.

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The End of SpaceWorld?


GameCubicle has learned Nintendo is considering the cancellation of SpaceWorld. While speaking with a Nintendo representative at E3, it was explained that because Nintendo feels E3 is becoming a global event, they are not entirely sure that SpaceWorld remains a necessity for the company. SpaceWorld is Nintendo's annual trade show held in Tokyo, Japan. While a domestic trade would seem imperative for a company like Nintendo, a cancellation of the show is not without precedence. In 1998, Nintendo cancelled SpaceWorld alongside their boycott of the Tokyo Game Show. Nintendo has not commented on the rumor. GameCubicle will have more information as it develops. 

Nintendo Seeks to Buy Back Shares


Nintendo announced today that it intends to buy back 14,000,000 of its own shares - or about 9.9% of shares outstanding. The buyback equates to ¥250 billion ($2.01 billion). Shareholder permission would be necessary for Nintendo to commence buying back shares. According to Reuters, such a buyback would increase management flexibility.

Nintendo's Profits Increase 14% in 2nd Half


Nintendo reported profits for the second half of their fiscal year rose 14% over the year ago period. Profits for year were ¥76 billion ($612 million), which compares to ¥67 billion a year ago. Akihide Kinugawa of Daido Life Investment Management told Bloomberg that recent console price cuts mean "game console makers can't expect profits as large as they used to enjoy." Nintendo shares have fallen from their April highs of ¥20,500 to ¥17,500. Many analysts expect Nintendo's Game Giants to help Nintendo effectively compete with Sony and Microsoft through the remainder of the year.

SN Systems Announces Online Tools for GameCube


SN Systems Ltd, the leading provider of software development tools to the console games industry, today announced their Network Development Kit (NDK) for Nintendo GameCube. The software includes a TCP/IP stack that runs on the console and links game code to the internet via Nintendo’s broadband or modem adapter. It enables Nintendo GameCube developers to add networking capabilities to their games with minimum effort. The TCP/IP stack provides the underlying software infrastructure to enable: online gameplay, in-game matching, in-game chat, buddy list, web browsing.

The Nintendo GameCube online tools are compatible with SN Systems’ online tools for other platforms so reducing the effort for creating online games for multiple platforms. "This product uses an industry standard interface so Nintendo developers can quickly incorporate it in their game", said Martin Day, chief technologist. "Network gaming is a growth area in the industry, and this should help GameCube developers bring new levels of functionality to their products much sooner", added Andy Beveridge, co-founder with Martin Day of SN Systems.

Hiroshi Yamauchi Retires


Long time Nintendo president, Hiroshi Yamauchi, will step down today from Nintendo after fifty-two years of dedicated service. Yamauchi announced his intention to retire in February. Hiroshi Yamauchi became president of the family business in 1949 and during his term, developed the company from a playing card manufacturer into a massively successful multi-billion dollar international corporation. Taking his place is Satoru Iwata, Director and General Manager of the Corporate Planning Division of Nintendo. Prior to joining Nintendo in 2000, Iwata served as President of Hal Laboratory, where he coordinated software development and production of several Nintendo games. 

E3 Expo Image Gallery


GameCubicle brings you a number of the finest E3 Expo images found anywhere. Our correspondents spent a great deal of time snapping these photos so that all visitors could have a fine view of the show in action. (coming soon)

Kirby's Adventures


At SpaceWorld 2001, Nintendo unveiled an intruiging new title which demonstrated the interconnectivity possiblities of GameCube and Game Boy Advance. Kirby Tilt 'N' Tumble as we have known it for nearly a year has since been transformed into Roll-o-Rama. Simply, the game involves using a Game Boy Advance tilt sensor linked through a controller port to the GameCube to roll balls of various designs throughout complex levels while completing a variety of obstacles. If your ball falls off the level it is caught on the Game Boy Advance where it may be controlled in hand until it is launched back on screen. Nintendo employees at the game's kiosk informed GameCubicle that Kirby may be down but definitely not out. Nintendo is in development with a new Kirby adventure for GameCube. Unfortunately, we were not able to find out much more about this secret title.

Animal Crossing Details


Nintendo's Animal Crossing, which will launch in North America on September 16th, will come with a packed-in Nintendo memory card. Nintendo localization employees informed us that EAD has worked with them extensively throughout the localization process to modify furniture and holidays - such as Thanksgiving - for the North American version. Playing Animal Crossing at E3, we were greeted by characters in the game with such comments as, 'You think you can walk into anyone's home just because you're attending E3?' Nintendo employees apparently had some fun localizing the game specifically for E3. Animal Crossing's gameplay now extends to Game Boy Advance, opening new worlds, and also links it to trading cards with the introduction of the e-Reader.

GameCube Game Cases


Take a look at early game case designs for a number of Nintendo's upcoming titles. View cases for Super Mario Sunshine, Mario Party 4, and Metroid Prime among others. Click over to GameCubicle's E3 Expo Gallery and scroll to 'store displays' for images and details...

Legend of Zelda to February 2003 


Nintendo officially acknowledged today that the Legend of Zelda for Nintendo GameCube has been delayed to February 2003. The game, which we found to be visually stunning at times and lackluster at others, holds great potential in gameplay as the game development is furthered. talked with a Nintendo localization executives who commented that the game is not anticipated to begin North American localization until November or December. This would make a holiday release on this side of the ocean a near impossibility. Nevertheless, Nintendo's holiday lineup remains nothing short of spectacular.

Nintendo's E3 Conference

05.21.02 has transcribed the Nintendo's E3 2002 Conference for your reading pleasure. The conference, which included Peter MacDougall, Satoru Iwata, and Shigeru Miyamoto, has been broken into subsections for reading ease. We hope you enjoy...

Nintendo Rolls out Metroid


On November 18, 2002, Nintendo is on the verge to give Nintendo fans two long-awaited signs of love, in the form of the hardest ass-kicking female in the history of video gaming. That is the date Nintendo is planning to release Metroid Prime...

Connect with Animal Crossing


Nintendo is showcasing several innovative games at E3 that further expand connectivity, starting with the revolutionary Animal Crossing, a community building adventure. This new game extends game fun from Nintendo GameCube to Game Boy Advance, opening new worlds, and also links it to trading cards with the introduction of the e-Reader. Players can download full classic NES games to the Game Boy Advance for hand-held fun on the go, and swipe trading cards through the e-Reader, which attaches to the Game Boy Advance to transport messages from the characters, game items and even music.

GameCube to ¥19,800 in Japan


Nintendo has announced a cut in the suggested retail price of GameCube in Japan by ¥5,200 ($41) to ¥19,800 ($157). Effective June 3rd, the price cut will take place nearly nine months after its debut. GameCube currently retails in Japan for ¥25,000. 

GameCube to $149.95!


Less than one year after successfully launching Nintendo GameCube, Nintendo of America is cutting the console's suggested retail price to $149.95, effective May 21, 2002. To date, Nintendo has shipped more than 4.5 million systems worldwide. Peter MacDougall...

Activision's E3 Lineup 


Activision will debut its "strongest and most compelling game slate to date" at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles. The company announced it's exciting E3 show lineup today. We can expect the following GameCube games on display at Activision's booth... Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4, Kelly Slater's Pro Surfer, Rally Fusion: Race of Champions, Minority Report, Shaun Murray's Pro Wakeboarder, X-Men: Wolverine's Revenge.

Electronics Boutique: GameCube Outselling Xbox and PS2 


Peter Roithmayr, VP of Merchandising for Electronics Boutique, today confirmed to MSNBC that GameCube has been outselling Xbox and PlayStation 2. “Ever since Resident Evil shipped for GameCube, GameCube has been the number one seller [among game consoles].” This development is even more impressive when considering that console sales at Electronics Boutique have traditionally been centered more towards Xbox and PlayStation 2 than other retailers. With significant price cuts from Sony and Microsoft this week, Nintendo's impressive achievement may not continue for long.

GameCube Price Cut Imminent? 


With Sony and Microsoft announcing price cuts of their respected consoles this week, speculation is heating up that Nintendo will soon respond with a cut to GameCube's suggested retail price. Analysts have suggested that Nintendo may lower GameCube's sticker to $149 at next week's E3 Expo or soon after. Game Informer Editor in Chief, Andrew McNamara told MSNBC, "I would imagine that Nintendo will need to drop to $149, and I do not see that being out of reach for them... I think that Nintendo’s position in the market is that they have the most economical video system available."

Nintendo has responded to this speculation stating that they currently have no plans to lower GameCube's price. However, VP of Marketing for Nintendo of America, George Harrison told Reuters last month, "We haven't made a decision on [a price cut]. Sony's expected to make the first move and then we'll see where we stand." He suggested that if Sony lowered PlayStation 2 to $199, Nintendo would respond. It should also be noted that console manufacturers have rarely ever giving word of a price cut not effective immediately. 

Nintendo WaveBird Launch Details


Nintendo today announced it will release its WaveBird controller on June 10, 2002 with a very affordable $34.95 sticker - two weeks earlier and $5 less than previously announced. The Wavebird controller will be the first wireless controller to be made... 

GameCube Controllers to $24.95


With the announcement of WaveBird's new launch date and price, Nintendo of America today lowered the MSRP on GameCube's standard controller to $24.95 effective immediately. The $10 cut should make GameCube all the more attractive to price-conscious consumers. 

NCAA Football 2003 in July


Electronic Arts announced today that the company has reached an agreement with former University of Oregon quarterback and top NFL draft pick Joey Harrington, naming him spokesman for EA Sports NCAA Football 2003. Harrington, who was the third overall pick in the NFL Draft by the Detroit Lions this year and was a finalist for the 2002 Heisman Memorial Trophy, will appear on the cover of NCAA Football 2003. Even more exciting for GameCube owners, EA announced the title will release on the GCN in July.

Nintendo's GameCube Internet Strategy


Nintendo of America today finally unveiled its Internet strategy for their GameCube console. While both Sony and Microsoft have announced online plans for their respective consoles, Nintendo has until now remained silent on the issue. For service...

THQ's E3 Lineup


THQ has revealed their game lineup for this year's E3 Expo. For Nintendo GameCube, THQ will show Battlebots, Hot Wheels, Jimmy Neutron, Monsters Inc, MX Superfly, Toxic Grind, and World Wrestling Entertainment X8. Their product lineup was dominated by PlayStation 2 though their GameCube lineup is nothing to scoff at.

Medal of Honor: Frontline


IGN Cube has learned that Medal of Honor: Frontline is scheduled for release on the Nintendo GameCube. "As of now, we are slated for Medal of Honor: Frontline on GameCube... However, we have no other news to share on the title at this time," an Electronics Arts representative told IGN Cube. Expect further details at E3.

InterAct's GameShark in June


InterAct today announced production of GameShark for Nintendo GameCube expected to release in June 2002 for $39.99. Pre-loaded with hundreds of codes for GameCube video game titles, GameShark for GameCube features a powerful game enhancement software engine surrounded by a straight-forward interface. Included along with the software is a specially designed 1x memory card that will store thousands of new GameShark codes as they are released on, which is updated daily with new codes and game saves for GameCube titles. "The GameShark for GameCube promises to be one of our most innovative and appealing GameSharks ever," said John Hays, Director of GameShark Product Development. "We used our experience in selling over five million GameSharks to enhance our product by combining great product features, a simple to use software interface, and fantastic code content into a single product that is sure to draw gamers of all levels."

Europe Launch: 400,000 Sold


While Nintendo has yet to release official numbers for GameCube's European introduction, Electronic Arts offered some insight during a May 9th stockholder conference call. "GameCube, which just shipped last week... initial read is they sold half a million units into the channel, sold through 400,000. So that's a strong start but still too early to measure." We're expecting an official release from Nintendo in the next few days but for now, EA's estimate appears very reliable.

Ty the Tasmanian Tiger


Electronic Arts is in development with a new character-based action adventure game, Ty the Tasmanian Tiger. The game, which is scheduled for a fall release on GameCube and PS2, features a wild boomerang-wielding Tasmanian Tiger whose adventures take the player through a "brilliantly animated" 3D environment set in Australia. According to the game's storyline, Ty has always believed that he's the lone remaining Tasmanian Tiger. During a chance meeting with a mystical elder, Ty discovers that his fellow Tasmanian Tigers are still alive but trapped in another world, Dreamtime. In order to unlock and open the portal to Dreamtime, Ty must go on an adventure to find five stolen talismans requiring a journey through a wide range of locations including the rainforest, snowy mountains, billabongs, the Outback and the Great Barrier Reef. The game will feature many gameplay styles including combat, riding, and puzzles as well as an array of mini-games with mini-bosses. Ty will be able to run, jump, swim and glide. Moreover, the player will be able to control Ty's signature weapon, an upgradeable boomerang, as well as his "chomping" ability for new attack moves.

Europe Launch: Nintendo's Fashion Show


Nintendo made GameCube marketing interesting in Italy just before the console's European launch. Nintendo and fashion-mag Maxime joined forces with designer Marcella Cangia, and presented a range of latex-clothes on the catwalk at a local Cube Club...

Disney All-Stars to GameCube


The details of Konami's deal to publish a series of Disney sports games were finally revealed today by the company. Disney All-Star Sports Basketball, Disney All-Star Sports Football, Disney All-Star Sports Skateboarding, and Disney All-Star Sports Soccer...

3DO Becomes Nintendo GameCube Publisher


3DO today announced that it is developing its most popular franchises for the Nintendo GameCube, including Army Men, Cubix Robots for Everyone, High Heat Major League Baseball, Jonny Moseley Mad Trix, and a number of still-secret titles. Juana Tingdale...

James Bond 007: NightFire


Electronic Arts revealed today that it is in development with a new James Bond game for all next-generation consoles including GameCube. James Bond 007: NightFire will feature an original single player storyline written exclusively for the game. As Bond, players will operate in more than ten exotic locations including the snow capped Austrian Alps, the depths of the South Pacific, and the far reaches of outer space, to defeat the evil criminal mastermind Rafael Drake, the head of an environmental organization who is secretly bent on world domination. NightFire is schedule for a Q4 2002 release.

NightFirewill offer a deep and rich gameplay experience that epitomizes the Bond universe. The game, which is primarily seen through a first person perspective, will switch to a dynamic third person perspective for particular interactive game mechanics or to show off heroic Bond moments. NightFire will feature a large variety of missions filled with furious action and stealth, gorgeous women exotic locales, and sophisticated spy-craft gadgetry that Bond fans expect. The console version of NightFire, developed by UK-based Eurocom Entertainment, will feature exclusive driving levels - developed by the award winning team behind the Need For Speed racing games - that feature an array of 007-inspired exotic vehicles equipped with weapons and gadgets.

Each of the mission levels will offer enormous, highly detailed 3D environments that can only be experienced through the eyes of Bond. Level designs challenge players to determine when to blast their way through using high tech weaponry, keenly employ spy-craft tricks and upgradeable gadgets, or stealthily maneuver their way as they accomplish mission objectives and strive for the maximum agent ratings. NightFire will also offer an all-star cast of villains and allies, both new and familiar to the Bond universe.

Namco Joins Nintendo


Nintendo and Namco have formed a partnership to develop software for Nintendo GameCube and the Triforce arcade board. By the end of 2003, Namco will release six titles for GameCube and eight for Game Boy Advance. Leading Nintendo software... 

UK Launch: 75,000 GameCubes Sold


Nintendo is reporting 75,000 GameCubes sold in the first two days on sale in the UK. By comparison, Sony's PlayStation 2 moved 70,000 units in the same time when it launched in the region. We're still waiting on additional launch data and will update as it breaks.

Crave Announces Whirl Tour


Crave Entertainment today announced the addition of Whirl Tour, a title offering a unique combination of action, extreme sports, and adventure, to its 2002 product line-up. Whirl Tour is being developed with Papaya Studio for the Nintendo GameCube and PlayStation 2. "Whirl Tour will feature an engaging storyline, addictive game play and Papaya Studio's 2nd generation Utopia console engine technology. Papaya's slick engine enables the creation of expansive, highly detailed and colorful environments, blazingly fast rendering speed and animation quality leading to incredibly smooth game play. Mark Burke, senior VP of Development at Crave Entertainment commented, "Papaya and Crave have the goal of creating a unique and fun experience for gamers. Fast paced, trick oriented action, and open ended exploration will be rewarded not just with points, but by allowing you to save your friends and uncover the mystery of their disappearance."

Gocen Discusses Launch with Bloomberg


David Gocen, Managing Director of Nintendo's European division, recently discussed GameCube's European launch with Bloomberg. While new information was limited, Gocen offered a few interesting comments in the interview. It's reported that 10,000...

10,000 GameCubes in Two Hours in UK


Nintendo is reporting that 10,000 GameCubes were sold in the first two hours of sale in Britain. GameCube went on sale in the UK on May 3rd for £129. Over 50,000 pre-orders for GameCube were received in the UK alone.

Nintendo Acquires Retro Studios


Nintendo has acquired Texas-based developer Retro Studios, making the firm a wholly owned subsidiary. Already owning 15 million shares, or 21.4% of the company, Nintendo acquired the remaining 55 million shares today for $1,000,000. Nintendo bought the remaining shares in a bid to boost the firm's software developing capacity.

Nintendo's Internet Strategy at E3 Expo


Nintendo will reveal its long awaited Internet strategy for GameCube on May 21st at this year's E3 Expo. While both Sony and Microsoft have announced online plans for their respective consoles, Nintendo has remained silent on the issue. Having revealed 56k and broadband adapters for GameCube some time ago, the company now appears ready to provide the service and strategy to put them to work.

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