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GB Advance


November, 2001


North America: 1.3 Million GameCubes in 2001


Nintendo of America today announced it will increase North American shipments of GameCube by 200,000 hardware units before year-end. The announcement - which was expected for some time - boosts total North American shipments for 2001 to 1.3 million from the previously announced 1.1 million.

The move comes in response to overwhelming launch day demand for GameCube on Nov. 18, where it instantly became America's fastest-selling new video game hardware system.

GameCube Sales Surpass Harry Potter


"Young wizard Harry Potter may have worked box office magic over the weekend, but his potion of profitability actually was trumped by the powerful new Nintendo GameCube," reads a recent Nintendo press release. The film "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" grossed $93.5 million over the weekend. By comparison, combined U.S. retail revenues for GameCube merchandise reached "more than $98 million in just its first single day of availability on Sunday." Ship GameCube


No mail on Sunday? has made special arrangements with UPS to handle shipments "marked as normal shipping method" on Sunday due to the extreme volume of items going out. Those customers who selected Overnight and 2nd Day Air delivery can expect their bundles on Monday and Tuesday respectively. Most who chose standard delivery should receive their bundles before the end of the week at the latest.

When Years of Waiting...


Become hours of insane anticipation. Nintendo GameCube will officially launch this Sunday, November 18th - just a matter of hours away. I'll spend my last few hours reading the greatest Nintendo book of all time, Game Over. Expect a massive launch story on Sunday. Until then... Customers Receive Cubes


Customers of today began receiving their GameCube bundles from the popular gaming retailer. Shipping officially commenced on November 14th so customers can expect to receive their orders any moment depending on the date of preorder and shipping method selected.

Reuters on GameCube


Reuters has published a lengthy review of the coming GameCube launch. "American retailers have been eager to get their hands on GameCube with major chains saying that indications of demand, such as pre-orders, were running near twice the expected supply..." Click to view the article. Ships GameCubes

11.14.01 today officially commenced shipping of GameCubes bundles. According to a company representative, consoles will continue to ship through the end of the week to customers depending on the date of preorder. The company would not comment on the number of units preordered.

Famitsu Awards Super Smash Bros. Platinum


Japanese video game publication Famitsu - known for very critical reviews - has given Super Smash Bros. DX (Melee) a Platinum rating. Platinum is the most coveted award handed out by the publication's game reviews section. The title received a 9, 10, 9, 9, from the four reviewers for a grand total of 37/40 (92.5%).

GameCube Game Sites go Live


With the launch of GameCube under a week away, Nintendo has taken some GameCube game sites live. You can now click over to visit,, and Nintendo's stylish Flash sites are well worth the visit.

Software In Stores


Many retailers began stocking their GameCube shelf space with some titles last week. For those of you interested in avoiding the launch rush, the following titles should all be in the hands of local retailers by November 15th at the latest... All Star Baseball 2002, Luigi's Mansion, Madden 2002, NHL Hitz, Star Wars: Rogue Leader, Super Monkey Ball, and Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3. Please note that while many retailers are already offering quite a few games for sale, some such as Toys R Us are holding game sales until the 18th.

Nintendo on the Net


As hinted during Space World, it has now been confirmed that Nintendo has been developing online-compatible GameCube software. GameSpot is reporting that in a recent interview with Mainichi, Miyamoto commented, "There are a large number of online games in development [for the GameCube], which are secret."

"Save your Hands" - Take Three...


In case you have not heard of the Save your Hands phenomenon, it's Nintendo witty Internet marketing campaign that includes a series of shorts created by Nintendo intended to, "capture the extremes some players might go through keep their hands in top condition for gaming on Nintendo GameCube." 

The third episode of Save your Hands has just been released and for your viewing pleasure... episodes 1, 2, and 3, are just a click away.

GameCube Launches! (just to be sensationalistic)


That's what we would be saying if Nintendo did not officially postpone the launch of GameCube until November 18th. Nintendo first announced GameCube's launch date just days after this year's E3 Expo. At the time, November 5th was just three days before Microsoft's official launch date for the Xbox. November 5 remained the official date until Space World in late August when Nintendo pushed back the launch date to November 18th (explanation of delay). The good news is that GameCube's launch is now less than two weeks away...

Buy Your Games... Today?


Many retailers have begun to stock their GameCube shelf space with Lucas Arts' Rogue Leader and Sega's Super Monkey Ball. Soon to follow, Acclaim's All Star Baseball 2002 and EA's Madden 2002 should be on the shelves at your local retailer in just a day or two. If you're going insane with anticipation of GameCube's launch, you may be able to relieve some stress (or make it that much worse) by picking up a great GameCube launch title today.

Steven Kent Reviews GameCube


Author of The First Quarter, and a contributing editor for MSNBC, Seattle Times, and NextGen Magazine, Steven Kent recently reviewed Nintendo's GameCube and compared the system to competing consoles.

In MSNBC's Game Time special, Kent summarized, "Powerful, relatively inexpensive, and easy to program, GameCube enters the market with lots of strengths and a few marks against it. Hold on to your hats, gamers! The next few years are going to be fun." View Kent's console ratings below...

Super Smash Bros. Melee's New Box Art


Nintendo's incredibly popular title, Super Smash Bros. Melee will be hitting North America in a fine looking package. A big improvement over the previously planned game box, the new design highlights what makes SSB so unique - the characters. IGN Cube has the box image.

What Would You do for a GameCube?


Topping off a month-long online contest asking contestants 'What would YOU do for a Nintendo GameCube?', Nintendo awarded five of its most devoted fans a Nintendo GameCube before it hits stores on November 18.

Corey Olcsvary beat out four other finalists from across the nation to become the contest's grand prize winner with the most creative and wacky stunt - he became a human "Pikmin" character by shaving his head, donning a leaf, painting himself blue and munching on a bowl of "Pikmin food" including live worms and crickets.

For the full story and unforgettable image of the event, click over to Nintendo's Press Release. is an independent site and is in no way associated with Nintendo Co. Ltd. or NOA
Nintendo's official GameCube site can be found at

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