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GB Advance


November, 2002


The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker


Known as The Legend of Zelda: Kaze no Takuto in Japan, the soon to be released Zelda game for Nintendo GameCube will be titled The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker in North America. For those of you wondering, waker would indicate one who wakes the wind.

Japan Sales Report


Heading into the all important holiday season, Nintendo took an early lead this week with extremely impressive hardware sales numbers in Japan. The story of the week was Game Boy Advance. On the release of Pokémon Ruby and Pokémon Sapphire, sales of...

New Pictures of Capcom's GameCube Exclusives


Capcom has released new screen shots of the 5 GameCube titles it unveiled last week in Japan. Click over to Capcom's 4th Production Studio site where the new pictures can be found. Look through GameCubicle's archived index of Dead Phoenix, Killer 7, Product Number 3, Resident Evil 4, and Viewtiful Joe information and media...

Metroid Prime Sells 250,000 in First Week


In just the first week of availability, Metroid Prime has sold more than 250,000 copies in North America according to a Nintendo press release. "While Nintendo retains its legacy as the destination of choice for family gamers, we're also making substantial inroads...

Square and Enix Announce Merger


In a deal worth $727 million, Japanese game maker Enix has announce plans to acquire Square Co. Ltd. The companies hope that by combining operations, the resulting firm will be better positioned to compete against the pressures of intense competition...

180 Games, What a Rush


This past October, Nintendo of America announced it would spend $140 million in marketing during the holiday season to support its strongest lineup ever of video games designed for older players. Well tonight, Nintendo's latest campaign targeted...

Videos of Capcom's GameCube Exclusives


Capcom has released video trailers to each of the 5 GameCube titles it unveiled last week in Japan. Look through GameCubicle's updated index of Dead Phoenix, Killer 7, Product Number 3, Resident Evil 4, and Viewtiful Joe information and media...

Zelda: Kaze no Takuto Commercials


With just a few weeks remaining until the release of The Legend of Zelda: Kaze no Takuto, Nintendo Co. Ltd. has launched television commercials for the game in Japan. The commercials begin with the audio clip, familiar to all Zelda fans, which indicates...

EGM Reviews Metroid Prime: 10, 10, 10


Electronic Gaming Monthly, a widely respected video game magazine, gave Metroid Prime one of the highest gaming honors this month when it reviewed the game 10, 10, 10. EGM executive editor Mark MacDonald, one of the three editors to review the game, wrote of Metroid Prime, "An absolute masterpiece, a modern classic, and probably the most fun I've ever had playing a video game." On individual merits, Prime scored a 10 for visuals, 10 for sound, 9 for ingenuity, and an 8 for replay. The high marks scored Metroid Prime an EGM Platinum rating and Game of The Month. For more information, click over to EGM's site.

Nintendo Dominates NBC Today's Toy Test 2002


NBC finally revealed the results of "Today's Toy Test 2002" and GameCube scored quite well. Gamers aged seven and up filled the Pacific Science Center in Seattle to test 73 titles for Today's video game toy test and yielded over 10,000 individual ratings...

Sega 2K Series not for GameCube?


Sega today released financial results for the first half of its fiscal year ending September 30th. Sega reported net income of Ľ1.01b ($8.3m), which compares to a net loss in the year-earlier period of Ľ20.87 billion. Nonetheless, game sales fell significantly short of expectations, particularly in the North American sports sector. Sega stated that it is may restructure its sports operation as it "urgently needs to improve profitability." Sega expects operating losses in the U.S. sports software business to total $49m for this fiscal year. Tetsu Kayama, Sega's Chief Operating Officer, explained, "We'll have to narrow down our focus in the U.S. sports game software business." The restructuring, according to Kayama, would involve a halt in sports game development for Nintendo GameCube. Given that Sega's 2K series is such a key asset to GameCube's sports software library, it is quite possible that Nintendo could step in to avert such an action. 

Nintendo Unveils GameCube Game Boy Player


In a stunning development, Nintendo this morning unveiled a Game Boy adapter for Nintendo GameCube. The peripheral attaches to the base of the console, connecting to it through GameCube's high speed parallel data port. The Game Boy Adapter accepts...

Nintendo Announcement Pending 


Nintendo Co. Ltd. is set to announce new peripherals for the Nintendo GameCube. Details of the announcement, scheduled to be made at 11:30am EST tomorrow, are currently unknown. It may include anything from an arcade pad to a headset to a light gun, we just don't know.

Metroid Prime Commercials... 60-Second 


Just when you thought you've seen enough Metroid Prime advertising, Nintendo flips the switch on the famous 60-second spot we showed you last month. Since October 28th, an abbreviated 15-second version has been airing nationwide. This week, Nintendo gets serious, airing the full 60-second version. This comes in addition to intensive print, Internet, and point-of-purchase ads Nintendo has put forth for weeks promoting Metroid Prime. The commercial will eventually be cut to 30-seconds.

Legend of Zelda Trailer


With just a few months until the release of GameCube's The Legend of Zelda in North America, Nintendo has unveiled a movie theater trailer for the game. The unusually dark trailer begins with an eerie shot of Hyrule with leaves blowing in the wind. The camera...

Metroid Prime in 4 Days


In four days, Samus Aran returns: "leaping forward to explore a foreboding, sci-fi future... tilting backwards in tribute to past days of pure video game adventure." With just hours to go until the release of Metroid Prime, Nintendo sent out a press release reminding the gaming public. The release includes some insights from Peter MacDougall, Executive VP of Sales and Marketing at Nintendo of America. "There are few fans in the world of video games more zealous than Metroid fans. But despite their enthusiasm, we know some feared Metroid wouldn't be the same in 3D as it was in 2D. They were right - it's better. And some thought the Game Boy Advance version could never match its Super NES predecessor. Well, it's surpassed it."

Capcom Announces 5 GameCube Exclusives


"For the sound growth of the gaming industry. For GameCube." - reads a message from Capcom's 4th Production Studio dedicated to Nintendo GameCube. At a press conference in Japan today, Capcom announced 5 stunning games in development exclusively...

Zelda Compilation Disc in Japan


For more than a year, gaming sites and boards have been abuzz with rumors of a Zelda compilation disc under development at Nintendo for release on GameCube. According to the latest issue of Famitsu magazine, a leading gaming publication in Japan, the rumors... 

GameCube to Launch in South Korea


Nintendo will soon launch GameCube in South Korea according to Japanese business journal, Jiji Press. Nintendo will join in a publishing partnership with Daiwon Inc, of Seoul. The console, rumored to be priced between 270,000 and 280,000 won ($232), could launch as early as mid-December. Intellectual property protections have thus far been sub par in South Korea but recent government action may suggest a promising future.

Japan's Stylish GameCube Controllers


Nintendo Co. Ltd. announced new additions to the GameCube controller lineup today. Following the upcoming release of the Platinum GameCube in Japan on December 1st, Nintendo will introduce a Platinum Controller and the never-before-seen Emerald... 

Argonaut Announces I-Ninja for GameCube


Argonaut Games today announced that it has signed two titles with Namco Hometek, the U.S. publishing division of Namco. The first title to be published on GameCube and PlayStation 2 in Q4 2003 is a character platform game titled I-Ninja. The second game, Orchid was only announced for PlayStation 2 and Xbox. Jez San, CEO of Argonaut, comments, "This marks the first significant contracts with a leading Japanese games publisher for Argonaut since our flotation, which will give us a solid platform to access both the significant Japanese and U.S. games markets."

Nintendo Fall DVD Downloads


Gamers wishing for a sneak peak of the must-have Nintendo Fall DVD currently available at gaming retail outlets nationwide can now download previews, wallpapers, screensavers, desktop icons, and more at Nintendo's DVD Download site. And for DVD extras made for your computer, click here. Sweet!

2003 Console Price Cut Speculation


Speculation of console price cuts to come in 2003 has officially begun as most write off the prospects of any further sticker cuts this year. According to an article in this week's Barron's, "The Sony system and Microsoft's Xbox would drop from their present $200, to around $175. Nintendo's GameCube, which lacks a DVD player, would drop from $150 to $120. At those prices the systems should appeal to the mass market, say the analysts, and enjoy peak unit sales of about 20 million in North America, up from an estimated 15 million units for 2002." We'll just remind readers that most analysts were far from on target when it came to predicting future console price points just before all three major console manufacturers slashed the stickers on their respective systems in May.

Hudson to Develop Konami Franchise Game


According to an article in The Nikkei Business Daily, Hudson Soft will soon begin development on a game for Konami that will bring a number of the company's franchises into a single title. The game will include Konami's Twinbee and Ganbare Goemon, Takara's BayBlades and Transfomers, car characters from Genki Coas, as well as characters from Hudson's Bomberman series. According to the article the title is being referred to as a "character mix battle" game. The title will be developed for both Nintendo GameCube and PlayStation 2. Hudson anticipates a 2003 release in Japan. 

New F-ZERO GC Screens


At this week's Tokyo International Computer Graphics Festival, Sega's Toshihiro Nagoshi unveiled the latest build of F-Zero GC. The video displayed a number of races on various levels from the game running at blazingly fast speeds. F-Zero AC (Arcade) and F-Zero GC. is an independent site and is in no way associated with Nintendo Co. Ltd. or NOA
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