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The GameCube Game Boy Player is a 1-inch tall peripheral that attaches to the base of the Nintendo GameCube, connecting through GameCube's high speed parallel data port. The system accepts Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Color, and traditional Game Boy games, enabling gamers to play their Game Boy games on a full television screen with a standard GameCube controller or a Game Boy Advance connected by a GCN/GBA Link Cable. 

Multiple players can connect as they would do with any Game Boy Advance through a standard GBA Game Link cable. However, only one player will be able to view the game on the TV screen while other players will have to use their GBA screens. Multiple GameCube Game Boy Players can be linked with a GBA Game Link cable to offer multiplayer gameplay on multiple television screens.

The GameCube Game Boy Player was released in March 2003 in Japan and will soon be followed by a June 2003 release in North America. The peripheral includes a GameCube launch disc and carries an MSRP of ¥5,000 ($41) in Japan. In the States, the GBP will come to retail with a $49.99 MSRP and will be available exclusively in Jet Black.

Peter MacDougall, Executive VP of Sales and Marketing, Nintendo of America comments, "For several years, the video game industry has been pushing forward to new technical frontiers… while at the same time celebrating classic hit games of the past. This new Game Boy Player actually fulfills both desires: it instantly makes your current favorite Game Boy Advance game larger-than-life, and at the same time allows you to see your favorite portable title from a decade ago in an entirely new way." NOA is also quick to note that in theory, the GBP effectively increases GameCube's game library to more than 1200 games.

Nintendo may see the Game Boy Player as a way to create a new selling point for the Nintendo GameCube while boosting sales of Game Boy Advance software. In a revised earnings outlook released in October, Nintendo revealed GBA software sales for this year would come in 12% below expectations. Perhaps even more significant to business, the GameCube Game Boy adapter will serve to tie Nintendo's home console business to its handheld business, through which it maintains a near monopoly on the market.

The news is sure to make the day of many GBA owners tired of squinting at the handheld's small screen.

June 10, 2003

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