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GB Advance


GameCubicle gives you a first glimpse of the stylish cases that one day soon will facilitate transport of Nintendo's new gaming console. The cases are manufactured by Bensussen Deutsch & Associates, Inc. - a merchandising and marketing firm.

"BD&A is the country's first, fastest growing, and only full-service merchandise agency extending brands around the world with custom merchandise-based marketing solutions." Customers of the firm range from Microsoft and Dell, to Major League Baseball and Delta. 

Nintendo, a corporate client of BD&A, apparently had these products commissioned for manufacture by the company. The company has long been manufacturing cases for Nintendo's Game Boy products. Nintendo merchandise marketing has sure come a long way from the days of tin lunchboxes and kids underwear...
Backpack Inside Backpack Inside
Game Case Inside GameCase Backpack

Perhaps the best part of the story (next to the pictures) is product affordability. Prices should range from just $10 for the game cases to $30 for the larger backpacks. 

October 7, 2001

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