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Nintendo made GameCube marketing interesting in Italy just before the console's European launch. Nintendo and fashion magazine Maxime joined forces with designer Marcella Cangia, and presented a range of latex-clothes on the catwalk at a local Nintendo Cube Club. 

Six beautiful models from all over Europe demonstrated the latest in latex - motifs from Mario, Donkey Kong, Wave Race, Star Wars and Pikmin. The "clothes" are painted directly onto the model's body with latex-paint and stiffen after half an hour to become a wearable outfit. If Rogue Leader and Resident Evil didn't sell GameCube as a console for mature audiences, this marketing effort sure did.

Artist Marcella Cangia commented, "Video games have become such a social phenomenon that its roots and style has a great influence on other creative fields such as music, film and art. Nintendo has always been a pioneer in the industry, which made it natural for me to show this new fashion with characters from Nintendo GameCube."
Models Body Artist Stairs

May 09, 2002

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