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Nintendo has put together a spectacular pre-launch event for UK gamers. In a partnership UK's country's premiere entertainment retailer, HMV stores in Glasgow, Birmingham, and London will launch the Nintendo GameCube at midnight on May 2nd.

In the days before launch, large clear cubes will be present at each of the locations featuring special effect light shows as well as numerous performances by bands and artists. In London, Asher D of So Solid Crew will perform on April 27th and 28th at noon. The new band SOiL will perform on May 1st at 12:30. British pop band allSTARS will perform on May 2nd at 11:00. Countless other performances will take place at all of the GameCube launch locations until the moment of launch. 

When the system finally does go on sale, Nintendo will be there giving away GameCube games and merchandise. Be one of the first one hundred in the queue to buy a GameCube and you'll come away with your own copy of Luigi's Mansion absolutely free. Don't worry if you are not one of the lucky one hundred - Nintendo has plenty of other goodies to go around.

May 03, 2002

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