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Welcome to! "Getting inside the Cube." Here at the Cubicle, we break down everything about the best system on the market and give you what you asked for... extensive news coverage, in depth features, comparison game reviews, must-have and must-avoid game lists, comparison pricing engines, fun specials, and more... enjoy & bookmark. began operations as part of in April of 2001 with the goal of becoming a main Internet destination for GameCube news, reviews, information, intelligent discussion, specials, and more.

Today, is the place to find console-specific news and information. Currently, over 4,700 unique individuals browse our sites every day. While our user-base has grown considerably over time, we are still committed to offering users individual support and the highest level of content quality and honesty on the Internet.

Beyond the content rich dedicated coverage of video game consoles, GamingFog offers a variety of services and information to its visitors:

  • Console-Specific Sites: We has organized coverage of each console into a number of console-specific sites, outlined below. 

  • Game Lists: Must-have & Must-avoid game lists have been organized to guide visitors in video game buying activities.

  • Comparison Reviews: Instead of a single reviewer offering their opinion into any specific title, GameCubicle offers summaries of and direct links to game reviews from the most respected gaming sites and publications anywhere.

  • Features & Specials:

  • Monthly Newsletter: The Newsletter offers the latest GameCube news, exclusives, interviews, and retailer deals. With each subscription, receive receive a monthly newsletter that should please any Nintendo fanatic.

  • Comparison Shopping: When a visitor finds a game they're interested in buying, comparative pricing from such sites as,, EB Games, and KB Kids is offered to allow them to make the most of their money.

  • Live News: 24-hour a day news feeds providing the latest breaking news from across the industry. In addition, original news content is is created by GameCubicle every evening.

GamingFog operates console specific sites including...

  • Focused coverage of Nintendo's Game Boy Advance handheld.

  • Focused coverage of Nintendo's GameCube console. can be contacted by use of this form or the email, ...however, should you need to contact us via mail, our main office is located at:

27 Misty Brook Lane
New Fairfield, CT
06812, United States is an independent site and is in no way associated with Nintendo Co. Ltd. or NOA
Nintendo's official GameCube site can be found at

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