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A Button
The oversized primary action A button serves as the 'home' for the gamer's thumb. It is the most used and easily accessed button.
B Button
The red B button is the secondary action button and as the back button when navigating menus. The button is a little harder to access than X & Y.
Camera Stick
An innovation in video game controls, the C (camera) Stick allows for in-game camera control. The stick also serves as a secondary analog pad.
D Pad
The legacy eight-way digital directional 'D' pad is frequently used in side scroller games, menus, and fighting games.
Analog Pad
The analog pad that allows for degrees of motion in gaming is perfectly situated on the GameCube controller. 

X Button
The Y & X buttons are easily accessed by rolling the thumb off the A button. X & Y were first added to Nintendo controllers on the SNES.
Y Button
The Y & X buttons are easily accessed by rolling the thumb off the A button. Because of its position, Y is the de facto jump button.
The purple digital Z-trigger is used less frequently than the other buttons on the controller because of its location. 
L & R Shoulder Triggers
L & R are pressure sensitive analog shoulder triggers. They feature a "digital click," which is accessed once the triggers are pressed all the way.

February 5, 2003

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