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Miscellaneous had the privilege of interviewing Andrew McLean, Store Manager of the Babbage's location that achieved more preorders than any other store in North America.

McLean, who had never before been involved in such a large scale system launch, oversaw the entire GameCube presale and launch process at this Babbage's in Natick, MA. McLean's only complaint during the night was that, like many store customers, he very much just wanted to get home and enjoy his own GameCube.

If you could describe the GameCube launch in one word, what would it be?

MCLEAN: Exciting.

How did your store go about achieving such an incredible number of presales?

MCLEAN: The enthusiasm of all the employees. The fact that Nintendo showed a lot of stuff at E3. Employees got to play the games at E3. GameCube was just easily superior and that's what we told everyone. It was that which helped drive the sales.

Many locations of your size were granted only 20-40 GameCubes for launch. How exactly did this location manage to get 800 GameCubes on launch day?

MCLEAN: I don't think Nintendo knew how many we had until we already reached these levels.

Microsoft’s Xbox console launched this past Thursday. How would you comparatively gauge demand for the two rival systems?

MCLEAN: The demand for GameCube easily surpasses Xbox. Not even close... We had 803 GameCube presales, 33 Xbox presales.

How has Nintendo’s assistance to Babbage's been with respect to GameCube information and support? Is there anything you would like to see more of from Nintendo retailer relations in the future?

MCLEAN: I do wish they could advertise a little more. A little more marketing would be helpful. In store, the demo units are a little bit late. But it all comes down to the software in the end and that's where they're the strongest. 

Nintendo’s marketing of GameCube left many questions in the minds of industry watchers over the last few months. What are your thoughts?

MCLEAN: They didn't want to hurt sales of their current consoles like Game Boy and N64. I think earlier advertising might have helped them. But with their software which is so much better than everybody else's right now, I think they're in good shape.

Has the buzz surrounding the launch of Xbox and GameCube significantly impacted PS2 sales? How do you see Sony performing this holiday season?

MCLEAN: PS2 sales have actually picked up. I've sold a lot of PS2s in the past few days. Metal Gear Solid - system seller right there. A lot of other great games... Devil May Cry, Grand Theft Auto. I see Sony doing very well. I think they have the holidays locked up.

Which GameCube games do you anticipate will be most in demand during the holidays?

MCLEAN: Super Smash Bros. will be huge! We have more reservations for Smash than even Luigi's Mansion.

Looking forward three years, who’s number one in the console war?

MCLEAN: That's either GameCube or PlayStation 2.

Industry watchers and critics have said that GameCube is targeted at 'the kids'. What are your thoughts on this?

MCLEAN: That's part of the reason why I think PS2 could stay number one - because of the niche that Nintendo's in. But with the Resident Evil series being exclusive to GameCube and Eternal Darkness... I think they're heading in the right direction. But PS2 could still have the edge in that area.

Do the demographics of those who preordered the GameCube reflect Nintendo's niche?

MCLEAN: Yes and no. I'd say it's almost 50/50. Tonight you see a lot of kids for the midnight launch but I think tomorrow you're going to see see a lot of the older people who have to work so they're not here at midnight. We have a lot of adults that ordered too.

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