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UPDATE: 11.21.01

Nintendo of America today announced it will increase North American shipments of GameCube by 200,000 hardware units before year-end. The announcement - which was expected for some time - boosts total North American shipments for 2001 to 1.3 million from the previously announced 1.1 million.

The move comes in response to overwhelming launch day demand for GameCube on Nov. 18, where it instantly became America's fastest-selling new video game hardware system.
Nintendo recently announced that $100 million worth of GameCubes and related Nintendo merchandise was sold on Sunday, November 18th. The company boasts that weekend revenues surpassed that of Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone which grossed $93.5 million.

Based on Nintendo's revenues announcement, estimates first day GameCube sales of 330,000 consoles. A Nintendo first party per-console sales estimate of $300 was used to arrive at the number (excludes third party hardware and software). 

Though Nintendo did not offer specific sales numbers, NOA's VP of Corporate Affairs, Perrin Kaplan did comment to Reuters that Nintendo believed first day sales surpassed, "what we think Microsoft's allocation was." Microsoft is estimated to have launched with 300,000 consoles in North America.

George Harrison, Nintendo Vice President commented Monday that the Nintendo GameCube "appears well on its way to success." Currently, retailers across America are reporting that expected demand for the GameCube will far outweigh supply.

"Some 700,000 Nintendo GameCube hardware systems moved to retail locations in time for our launch, our largest first day supply ever," stated Peter Main, executive vice president sales and marketing at Nintendo of America. The GameCube's impressive showing will likely break all historic video game launch records. It is now estimated that Nintendo will supply 1.2 million units to North America before the end of the year. 90% of North American unit allocation will fall to the United States.

The best-selling games on launch day according to Nintendo were Luigi's Mansion, Star Wars: Rogue Leader, and Wave Race: Blue Storm. We suspect Super Monkey Ball is an easy fourth place.

Looking forward, Nintendo estimates international sales will total 4,000,000 by March 2002. Gaming analyst Lisa Spicer comments, "They can easily sell a lot more… but it's probably production capacity that led to that forecast." 
Best Selling Launch Games North America Allocation

Luigi's Mansion

Star Wars: Rogue Leader

Wave Race: Blue Storm


700,000 (Nov. 18)

Additional 100,000/week

1,200,000 in 2001

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